some more stuff for you guys. and an extra addition.

Sometimes I feel like blogging alot. So yeah, post two in one day. Are you judging me? Would you like a space for that? ____________________ There. There is some judging space.

Anyway, I survived today. I did not kill anyone, even a student. Although I did send hateful thoughts to the teacher who shares a room with me and leaves me snarky notes on where I put the computer cords. Not very Thanksgivingish, of me, no, but still no one died.

I like to have low standards, sometimes. No one died. Mission Accomplished. (Plus, I can say things like "Mission Accomplished," and not look like an idiot a trillion dollars and a bunch of dead people later.)

I am saddened about my 3B class that hates "Our Town." 2B liked it, but not 3B.

I am super excited for Thanksgiving, and our tradition of watching Pieces of April the night before with my family. You should all go rent that movie. Pre-Tom Katie Holmes is in it, back when she might have had talent. Don't judge the movie for having Katie Holmes. Unless you really want to. In that case, here is a space for that as well.________________

My students are sad I am leaving soon. Apparently, it is because I am "loud" and their real teacher is "too quiet." I am taking that as a compliment, because I take what I can freaking get, and the other option (worrying about my teaching skills) is depressing.

I haven't sewn anything since moving, even though I technically have an entire room for sewing, and also for grading papers. But I have not sewn, and I still grade in bed. Someone send me ideas of something awesome, and easy to sew, so that I break my self-imposed sewing fast. Sewing Ramadan.

I have cable now, and I really like watching "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Addition: My Dad sent Dan and I letters today, in the mail. We see him nearly everyday, but he still sends us letters. On his fancy-office stationary. Typed up by his secretary, because my Dad won't use computers. He dictates all his letters, memos, and emails on a little tape recorder, and a very nice lady types them up. For some reason, this whole process, the tapes, the mailing, and receiving of letters from a person I see regularly strikes me as very funny and very sweet.

You won't read this unless I print it out for you, but Thanks, Dad.

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat pie!


SammyStewart said...

I just need to say, I love your blog. And here I was, judging myself for checking your blog twice in one day, thinking "she's already written something today!" But you wrote more. It made me happy. Thank you. :)

MJ said...

Glad you didn't kill anyone, I loved Pieces of April, do you like Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter? and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Lena said...

Happy Thanksgiving MCB! That is awesome, what your dad did. He is a pretty cool guy. I just keep thinking about what he said when I was over, about Clark's party...and everyone sitting together in the suburban. Awesome.

Do we all still want to get together for the Ute's game?

Aunt Spicy said...

ps. Congrats on not killing anyone...

Aunt Spicy said...

You have a SEWING ROOM and you are not sewing? And you didn't even leave me any space to judge you. Shame on you :-)

Let me know when your sewing ramadan is over!

AzĂșcar said...

I love Pieces of April.

(And Our Town.)

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I remember not liking Our Town... I guess that puts me with team 3b.

Happy Thanksgiving.