what i'm doing over here

I planted tulips! In my garden! I felt very...something. It was nice.

I also planted a tulip in the middle of my yard, because my Dad always does that, and it seemed like the right thing to do. We all need a random tulip in the middle of the lawn, right?

Also, if you are a person with some mild OCD tendencies, I highly recommend planting tulips. Repetitive motions? Check? The option to line things up in a perfect little row? Check. Dig. Plant. Cover. Move 6 inches. Dig. Plant. Cover. Move 6 inches.

Like I said, it was nice.

Also, I'm freaking eating vegetables right now. What the hell? Who am I?

Anyway, have a nice weekend. Now that you know my every move.

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Jess said...

yep. love your new pic. very appropriate.