a yellow bellied new england warbler*

Well, internet, how are you? I am good. Nothing new to report here at casa de Childbride and Spousetotheman.

Everyday I realize how much ego it takes for me to write this stuff and assume you want to read about it. Do you want to hear about our new house? It's awesome and we like it, and we will stick with home-owning. Do you really care to know more? Probably not.

Although, and this is a little bizarre, the move has made me strangely social. When we lived in the batcave,** I was always very anti have-people-over. Mostly, because, where the heck would I put them? When your living room is also your husband's business headquarters, (meaning we had at least 6 computers in said room at any given time,) your sewing room, the dining room, and also where-you-grade-papers whilst watching West Wing, the best you can offer the home-teachers is the tiny corner of couch not covered in crap. Or sometimes the floor. Oh! Oops! Watch out for that hard-drive there. Okay, carry on.

Anyway, since our move in, I've been basically inviting people off the street to come share a diet coke. Now that I know where to put you people, suddenly nothing sounds more awesome than sitting in my living room eating frozen twix bars and enabling my caffeine addiction. (Hey, I said I was social, not domestic. If you want refreshments, you'll have to befriend Dan.)

So if you are a relatively normal, (or if I happen to like your type of crazy,) e-friend, consider this your open invitation.

*Extra points if you place that reference.

**Only bummer about not living in a basement apartment is that suddenly windows serve more than one purpose: to see out. Now windows allow people to see OUT and IN. Which means my days of wandering around my home in various states of undress are officially over. You are welcome, new neighbors.


lifeofdi said...

What if we're not really e-friends yet, but I kinda want to be since you seem nifty?

Does that count?

I like Twix if that helps. And I'm just in Ogden.

lifeofdi said...

Oh dear. After submitting, I realized that last comment sounds desperate and stalkerish. Since you'll see both of these anyway, it was not meant to be either. Oops.

Go ahead and publish one or both, if you find them amusing.

The Boob Nazi said...

So you didn't really want to have us over? You're not being discriminating or anything? I'm so sad.

jnyfritz said...

Congratulations on home ownership...i dream of the day of being able to invite people off the streets to share in my chocolate addictions, but for now i will live vicariously through you!

ChloƩ said...

haha i like you. you crack me up. and you like diet coke and aren't domestic like me. you rule.

Jessica said...

SNL Celebrity Jeopardy ala Martha Stewart! Right??
I love your new place!

Crystal said...

Totally West Wing. Oh that President Bartlett.

I, too, am having an issue with windows. Since moving from the 5th floor apartment to a townhouse, it seems odd that I can see people. Also, I have this weird fear that everyone is going to break in. There were four floors of perfectly good apartments to break into before you got to mine. Now I'm ground level and I'm sure all my used furniture looks very tempting.

Lena said...

I believe the refference is from SNL: Celebrity Jeopardy. Fake Martha Stewart. Took me a minute of hearing it in my head before I placed it.

Oh, and when I googled it, you were the first search. Congrats. (oh, and google was no help)

Cynthia said...

Snort! Congrats on the new home. It's so fun to start making a place your own, I can see why you want to welcome new people in (and with frozen Twix? Bonus!)

I'll just settle for a "hello" on your blog (oh, I found you via the MMB in case you wondered!)

ChloƩ said...

oh we are totally talking about the same thing! don't you worry about that! hahaha..i am soo glad you caught that. seriously. or should i say srsly? Yuck. kill me now. we are totally e-friends. you are awesome!

Mrs. Clark said...

Hey, Steph, I do windows. Not wash them; curtains, etc. They are easy to make and I'd be happy to help with advice!