"Oh, I would never swim in a pond!

They're infamous for serpents!"

Do you want to be my very best e-friend forever and ever, or take or our e-friend relationship into the real life zone? Or just intensify our real life friendship? Identify that quote!***

And if you think my constant "name that quote" games are lame, then none of the above apply to you, and um, go read another mormon child bride blog. They usually have more pictures, anyways.


Since I finished my long-term fake teaching gig (let us not discuss it, it renders me gloomy,) I have been spending lots of time subbing at a local Junior High. I've been working for two teachers, who share the same bunch students due to some cross-curricular grouping thing. This is nice, since I work with the same kids everyday, and most behavior issues go away after the students start to recognize you as a regular authority* figure, not just some passing ship in the night. (Yeah, I know, that phrase is usually reserved for one-night-stands. I'm Mormon. I don't get to have one- night- stands. I get to substitute teach.)

But this also means that I start to get attached to the little buggers, and start thinking up fun lessons that I would do if I were their teacher, and wishing that I was, and then I realize that I'm kinda like the crazy Spinster Aunts of the world who think they have a romantic relationship with the mailman because they see him everyday. Except I want a job, not (another) man, and students, not a relationship.**


* I feel weird using the term "authority figure" when talking about teaching, because I'm aware it has negative connotations (authoritarian parenting/teaching, versus authoritative parenting/teaching etc.) So know that I mean authority figure in a "I am responsible for your safe learning environment" kind of way, and not in the "I'm big and you're small, I'm right and you're wrong," kind of way.

**I'm in no way trying to make a broad statement that all single people are spinsters, or that all spinsters are crazy, and so on and so forth, I'm simply making a vaguely Dickens-esque analogy for your reading enjoyment. Put down the torches, merry villagers.

***Don't cheat! My heart will feel your dishonesty, and feel pained.


bubba_84120 said...

I found the answer, but "cheated", I guess. Now I feel bad. :(

Brandi said...


(And I only remember because my husband always says that I'm the female version of JD, and when JD said that, it solidified my husband's belief. Because, umm, I would never ever swim in a pond. Because of the creepy, crawly, slithering things therein.)

aubrey said...


Ru said...

K, I'm fairly sure I know the quote, but feel compelled to admit that I know it unfairly, since I only watched/read (trying to keep it a secret for future readers) the show/movie/book/youtube video in question for one season/one chapter/a few minutes, but am friends with people who like to quote it a lot, which makes me want to finish the show/movie/book/youtube video, but I have WAY too many things on that list already, so it's not likely.

But I still think you should let me be your internet friend. :)

SammyStewart said...

You probably know about it, but

jnyfritz said...

you make me laugh! thank you!

The Boob Nazi said...

I guess we can't intensify our real life friendship.

NAlton said...

It sounded like a JDism to me, and I would agree.

Also, you're the only Mormon Child Bride I can read. I don't care if your child is amazingly smart (he's probably not) so yeah....please don't make me read one!

Brooke said...

Please don't make me read the ones with pictures. I like the ones with words MUCH better. =)

NIKOL said...

A bunch of people already answered where the quote was from point in playing.

I'd rather play Jiggly Ball, anyway.

Amy said...

Awesome. I know someone who just named their puppy Elliott after the Elliot on the show!

Jen said...

I didn't cheat. I gave up and read the comments.

Congrats on your new job. Your Spinster Aunt-hood will vanish very soon. Hooray!