Preliminary judging space:




I love watching the Bachelor.

I really do.

And, in a somewhat unrelated, but still related note, can we all just promise to recycle the "jealousy card?" It is the cop-out of the narcissist. You don't like me? You're upset with me? YOU MUST BE JEALOUS OF ME. *

I feel like I need to include more judging space.




I promise to never talk about this again.

Except, what is WITH all the helicopter rides? Does ABC get a kickback from the helicopter company? SHEESH.

* I've gotten the jealousy card twice in the past month. From the same person. Unfortunately, they are unavailable for The Bachelor.


The Boob Nazi said...

Okay, I have a blog coming up in like two days that is called confession.... but I swear I didn't copy you haha.
As far as the jealous card, I will just put my jealous post on here. That explains how I feel much better than I can say.

Also, I hate people who say that. It's a stock phrase like, "You're intimidating," or "You're immature for enjoying writing mean comments on a random anonymous blogs."
Since your limerick didn't get published, I totally won on this last round haha. Also, I love that I have full on conversations with you in my comments. I don't care.

Stephanie said...

whatever, julie, i think if they DONT publish your comment, it is still a win, because it was actually offensive.

i do so love our chats.

The Boob Nazi said...

Please email me your unpublished limerick. I'd love to read something offensive.

Maggie said...

One of my favorite Social Psychology classes was when we analyzed The Bachelor. We broke down the show and discussed why it does not actually create lasting relationships. Guilty pleasure show plus psychological analysis it was perfect! And we totally talked about all of the helicopters in out discussion.

ChloƩ said...

I am watching the bachelor right now and was wondering the same thing about the helicopter thing. I love how every date the girl is like "wow I would have never expected this!" I'm thinking, really? Because it has happened on every date so far. Oh and I agree with you about the jealousy thing. But I am secretly jealous that you and Julie have such an awesome battle going on in mbp's comment section. You guys rock.

Ru said...

I love The Bachelor! I haven't watched it yet tonight, but I did catch the beginning. Agree with Chloe, all these dates are super recycled, yet every girl acts shocked that she's getting a private concert/helicopter ride/visit from from child/trip to exotic location. Loves it.

Katie said...

Don't be ashamed. I love the Bachelor and watch it proudly. My FHE brothers even watch it. hehe

Lena said...

That seems like you. I have never been a fan, but I know that if I started watching it, I would be hooked. And Nik would leave me. I'll keep it to One Tree Hill.

NIKOL said...

I've never gotten into the Bachelor. My guilt pleasure dating show was Rock of Love. I don't think there's enough room for the judging space on that one.

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

I too share a shameful addiction. More because I am always stunned at what 30 year old women will do to get an upperhand and win over the affections of a guy they mostly know from his flirtations with another woman LAST SUMMER.

I even save it for Tuesdays and watch it online, because I can't stand commercial breaks.

Tonight is going to be a VERY good night.

Dustin and Whit said...

I am right there with you, no excuses, its a shameful addiction. I love that Elizabeth got the boot, she seriously scared me. And Michelle? I am going to miss that phsyco. Gotta love that show

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

Ummm...well...I have no response to this....

JJ said...

I watch. If you ever need to analyze the craziness drop me a line!

And as far as the jealousy comment, The Boob Nazi brought up the one I hear all the time, "You're intimidating"...which to me is just the nice way of saying either "You are ugly and cant get a date" or "You are a B****!" So its a toss-up. Guess I'll just take intimidating :-)

Oh, and thanks for leaving all the space for judging, though none of it was needed!

(ps. this actually Aunt Spicy...I just realized you wouldnt recognize my other account)

Mrs. Clark said...

Okay, do we mean jealous here, or envious? Jealous means you don't want to lose something you have and you're afraid you will, such as jealously guarding your secret recipe for egg salad, and envious means you wish you had something someone else does, such as a size 24 waist.

C.J. said...

I watch pretty much every reality show on VH1, and that's much stupider than "The Bachelor". In fact, "The Bachelor" is "Masterpiece Theatre" in comparison.

Mhana said...

So I have three books to read by tomorrow afternoon, but I still have a date with my former roommates to watch the Bachelor online this afternoon. Go ahead and judge me. Also, would Jake be all that thrilled with endless helicopter rides? Doesn't he fly around all the time anyway? I'm glad they've tried some more interesting dates, though the classic "private concert with famous people" is pretty special. Enough. I should be reading.