why hello internets

How are you? Did you have a nice week? This is what I have been doing:

Dan worked late tonight, and being the riveting lover of night-life that I am, I watched Mad Men* and cleaned the bathrooms. Initially, I was just going to clean the sinks and the mirrors, but, as always, my slight- and- not- freakish at all OCD tendencies kicked in**, and 3 episodes of Don Draper later, I find myself standing on a chair cleaning the door frames with bleach.

I exercised some self-control, put down the Mr. Clean magic eraser things, and decided to blog instead. I'm sure you, (and the state of my mental health,) are all extremely grateful.

In other news, this week I hung out at my new school shadowing the existing teacher, who, awkwardly enough, I am replacing. I would like to tell you all sorts of hilarious things that happened this week, but I've developed some weird paranoia about talking about work on the internet. Mostly because I don't want creepers knowing where I work. And because unlike all previous jobs, I would be very upset if I lost this job.

Who wants to hear about my method for removing soap scum?!!!!!!

But, suffice it to say that I like my new school, most of my students seem interesting and tolerable, and that I am very, very excited to be staring on my own next week.

Sometimes people think I am kidding when I tell them I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 16. But it is true. I remember sitting in my American History class junior year and watching the teacher, and realizing, "I'm going to do that someday."

I can't believe it finally happened.

*Mad Men is rocking my world so hard I cannot even tell you. And yes, I know, I am late for the party on this. And the Potato Peel Society Book. And everything else that was big and new and shiny in 2008. Consider me a time-capsule.

** People are surprised when I talk about my OCD cleaning tendencies, because I'm not a neat person. But it makes sense, if you think about it. I don't like to start cleaning because I can't stop. Combined with a hearty and somewhat paradoxical sense of laziness, you should all be able to understand why my bra has been on the living room floor all week, and yet all my baseboards smell like Clorox.


Carley A. T. said...

I do want to know your method for removing soap scum.

The Boob Nazi said...

Ummm Why the freak weren't you over at my house and cleaning for me?
I got no cleaning done. None. Nada. Zip. And I needed to. I even drank 3 Diet Dr. Peppers to give myself the energy to clean.
And welcome back to the internet. I've missed your posts.

TOWR said...

I'm the *exact same way*! I do keep things pretty nice and neat, but when it comes to deep cleaning I avoid it because I rarely have the time to dig in and clean the way I really want to. (Sometimes I just hire someone to come do it for me. Shh, don't tell!)

Also, Mad Men = AWESOME. I'm just barely getting into Dexter... Sigh... So much TV, so little time.

Caroline said...

Funny that you mentioned preserving the greatness of 2008 as a living time capsule - just today I rick rolled my spouse, only to be told "That was Sooo 2008..."

Keep it alive.


Aunt Spicy said...

There might be clutter...but at least it is clean clutter! You have inspired me to tackle the window frames!

Ru said...

I just started my new job, and it is literally the only thing I want to blog about sometimes, but I force myself to stop for basically the same reasons you listed. So mostly I've been blogging about what movies I've been watching on cable, and yes, it's just as thrilling as it sounds. :/

JustMe said...

Don't use bleach use hydrogen peroxide instead. Its much cheaper, it doesn't smell and has a million other uses. I'll forward you an email about the many ways you can use it. As a carpet spot cleaner it can't be beat.

Dang - I sound like a mom

Lena said...

I'm jealous of your night cleaning. Also. I can't belive we were both sans husbands last night and we didn't hang out. And I didn't even really clean. Only loaded the dishwasher and did one load of whites. Really need to scrub the bathroom celing. Sounds strange, but it really needs to be done. Any ideas on how to do that?

Brooke said...

You clean the door frames with bleach, TOO??!!! I feel less alone in the world. Especially when you said that you aren't a neat person. My cleaning habits are on a binge/purge cycle.

Brooke said...

P.S. Kudos on the Internet discretion.

Rynell said...

I'm the same way about cleaning. I don't like to get started because then I cannot stop.

lindsey said...

I'm super excited for you to start your first real teaching job that is all yours and everything. It's the greatest.

I moved back to America and am subbing and it sucks. But I am giving birth in March so no one will ACTUALLY hire me...and it's the middle of the school year...and Americans aren't as cool as Scots.

I just threw that last one in 'cause I'm homesick for a land that's not really my own.

Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!

Kristine and Ryan said...

Ahhh... Good times in that American history class. :)

Jessica said...

Pat Sodders inspired us all...

Congrats on a clean bathroom.

Mackenzie said...

I totally get your OCD cleaning tendencies. I am the same way. Once I get started on a cleaning project I can't stop! Last night I was helping my son tidy up his room and and 2 hours later that room was sparkling like never before. Forget the fact that it was an hour and a half past bed time.

Congratulations on the new job! I hope you love it. How nice it must be to have a job you've always wanted! I wish all teachers were like that.

Mackenzie said...

P.S. The Potato Peel Pie Society book is completely worth it. I just read it this weekend.

Mrs. Clark said...

I don't want to know why your bra is on the living room floor. But good for you!

And my mom used to wash all the "woodwork" as she called it, meaning the door frames and baseboards, with a product called Spic 'n Span, a powder you had to mix with water. I just hit the really dirty spots with Fantastic. Haven't tried bleach or peroxide, though.

The Potato Peel Society book is great! You'll love it! And I want to hear about the job. You can use pseudonyms for everything!