To everyone who mentioned the massive amounts of time teachers spend grading. Amen and amen.


The Boob Nazi said...

Yeah, taking data takes a long time for me. I'm glad I don't grade.

Also, I almost just called you. Just to let you know. haha

MJ said...

I thought if you liked the kid, they got an A, if they were twerps, they got a D.

I had a teacher that would show history movies and have us write a paper during the movie for a grade. My friends and I would write a sentence and then copy it in reverse, or write about how some guy in our class was "so cute", and I swear, as long as we took up the whole page, we never got a B.

Hey, I didn't say he was a great teacher.

Lena said...

Did you know about this place? Cause it made me think of you...

marry said...

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