cha cha ching

Hey internet!

Here is some stuff that is new with me.

I'm totally watching Greek oh Hulu right now. Holy crap I love that show. I think I am the only one that watches it. In real life, I think it is on Fox Family on Monday night. But I really love it. Mostly because I was in a fake (LDS) sorority in college and the show is ALMOST as campy as the LDS fraternity/sorority system. So it brings back happy collegiate memories for me.

For instance, the sororities and fraternities are always singing to each-other. This is a central part of LDS culture in general, but especially in fraternities/sororities. Does anyone else remember singing "Going to the Chapel" (but subbing in Temple, of course,) when a girl got engaged? And how secretly, amidst all the squealing and hugging, you could tell some of the girls were ticked it wasn't them? Girls who were 20 and 21 being ticked about their non-married state is still hilarious to me.

Also, mostly the show is cheesy and silly, but the Beaver character is a total secret minefield of awesome. Seriously, he steals every scene and makes the whole show. Oh Beaver, there's no crying in baseball!

Anyway, I watch a lot of TV, and I am not ashamed. In fact, I will draw a line in the sand and say we cannot be friends if you pretend to be totally above crappy pop culture. You don't have to like the Bachelor,(I'm dancing the song of my heart!) or Lady Gaga, or whatever, but you do secretly like SOMETHING even if it is just that one Top 40 countdown song from 2007. Saying you don't just makes you look uptight. And I'm an awesome friend, so don't make me draw that line.

In other world news, teaching is still going, and I find myself getting better everyday. Most of the time it is two steps forward one step back (today was rough,) but I keep telling myself that with time and practice, I will improve. Right now I think I am a decent teacher, but I want to be a really good teacher. So I will be. Someday. (This is my personal mantra, along with, "Peace in our Time," said somewhat ironically.)

I think I can, I think I can,

Stephanie Child Bride.


The Boob Nazi said...

I do not pretend to be above pop culture at all. Only The Bachelor.

Cynthia said...

Secret Life of the American Teenager - Make or Break It - and more reality TV then one person should be allowed to watch...Flipping Out (on Bravo...I heart Jeff Lewis) - We all have our secret shame :)

alishka babushka said...

oh my gosh!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE greek!!! it's on abc family on monday's - but i watch it on hulu too. it makes me super happy!!!

Marrissa said...

I have never commented before now...only blog-stalked. But I must comment because earlier this evening after I left a torturous Marketing class at the U I soothed my soul with Greek. And Secret Life. And I attempted to watch Make It or Break It, but ironically it was broken via internet. Just thought this post deserved a crack me up.

Aunt Spicy said...

"She is organic"

Another great quote from the Bachelor.

Brooke said...

I'm with Boob Nazi. No to Bachelor yes to pop culture.

Lena said...

I also watch Secret Life, though I am not caught up. I still watch One Tree Hill, so I have no room to criticize anyones TV prefferences. Greek it up!

Nookleerman said...

I don't even own a TV. It got in the way of our scripture studies, so we sold it when we got married and donated the money to Sally Struthers.