Well, first off, I'd feel like I world-class jerk if I didn't issue a huge thank-you to all of you who sponsored me for the Fight For Air Climb. Guess who was the top fundraiser for last week? Yours truly. All thanks to you! Really and truly, thanks for being awesome. If you are interested, you can still sponsor me, (even if it is two bucks, you can sponsor me!) just check out the post below. The Fight For Air Climb isn't until February 27th.

Anyway, updates?

Jillian Michael is still kicking my butt. Nachos are still delicious. Opening Ceremonies for Olympics are way too long. I haven't showered yet today, but I think my husband still thinks I'm hot. Don't tell another blogger with "Mormon" in her blog-name, because I think it will shatter a paradigm that is very dear to her, and that could be dangerous.

Winter is killing me. It's a good thing I freaking love living in Utah,* or else I'd be out of here. I always get a little SADsish and super ragey (sorry, real life friends!) this time of year, so it is safe to say I'm ready for spring. In fact, if I weren't married, I wouldn't be above signing myself up for the freaking Bachelor so I could go to Hawaii for a week. Or, I could be re-incarnated as a bear who hibernates all winter, and keep some of my dignity. Both are equally feasible to my brain at this point.

In other, more cheerful news, we had an awesome long weekend, full of sleeping and excellent television. Some of my students are getting really into To Kill a Mockingbird, and, as I previously alluded, the Bachelor is on tonight.

So Hurray!

You're totally welcome to come over and eat nachos with me, but I'm unbathed, unrepentantly grumpy, and have a tendency to talk to characters on the T.V. You've been warned.

*You know, because we bought a house here, started a business here, we might want to stay.


The Boob Nazi said...

Oh, for about a minute, I couldn't remember who you were talking about, and then I remembered. Umm, cool story, BN.
But don't you know that not shaving your legs is totally unsanitary?!~?~?

Becky said...

I want to be reincarnated as a bear too.

Lisa Louise said...

I agree, time for spring!!

Lena said...

Nik bought the ingredients to make his families famous nacho dip. He wants to have you over to enjoy it with him. I don't like it.

Dustin and Whit said...

I always get excited for the Bachelor but then it just puts me in a bad mood, I need to not watch next season, but I know I still will. its a love/hate thing

Iva said...

Nachos are yummy for sure!!!