bad news: i haven't even caught up on greek yet

Good news: It's Spring Break and I'm going to Moab. Moab is basically my favorite place in the world, because it is beautiful, but also cheap. (Knocking some serious contenders, like London, out of the running.)

Bad news: I sucked as an educator this week. I get spring fever just as bad as any 15 year old.

If I promise to do better next week, can we call it even?


Because I am a History Teacher

I get a little ragetastic when people compare being angry about Health Care or President Obama or whatever, to be a Patriot in the Revolutionary War.

Patriots like Sam Adams opposed Taxation without Representation.



The fine people who voted for Health Care Reform, and the President who initiated the campaign are all elected officials. We voted for them. You, taxpayer, have representation. Whether you agree with what the elected officials did is a moot point. You were represented.

Furthermore, when I taught U.S. Government, a lot of students, (and apparently grown-ups struggle with this too,) forget that we aren't, in fact, a Democracy. We have a democratic process that results in a Republic.

A Republic, like the U.S., is a constitutionally limited government, in which elected representatives are the governing body.

In a Democracy, the governing body is the majority.

I think the teabaggers and the new "Sons of Liberty" (That sound you hear is Sam Adams spinning in his grave,) tend to think because the majority of Americans don't like President Obama, or support the Health Care Reform Bill, that we shouldn't have to abide by the laws created by that Administration. Or that we somehow have a case for claiming that the Constitution is being Destroyed by Those There Liberals. Majority Rules!

Sorry guys, but the Revolutionaries created a Republic. I know it sucks when your elected officials don't make decisions you like. Believe me, I grew up with the Bush Administration. But it doesn't mean that they are using the Constitution as toilet paper.

It means you can vote again in 3 years.

ps. The Constitution gives the Federal Government to levy taxes, as well as regulate business that cross state lines, which health care policies/companies frequently do. (See the Commerce Clause, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the Constititution. It's the section I've been using as toliet paper.) For those of you worried about the health of the 10th Amendment.

Better luck next time.


hi internet

Hi. Here's a list of stuff that is going on. It is a long list, because I am sick and can't sleep. Typing makes me sleepy.

1. Sinus infection NUMBER TWO is being fought, with various amounts of success. Yes, that is right folks, two sinus infections in two months. I've basically been sick ever since I got a full-time job. Maybe the Victorians/Crazy Religious Conservatives were right. Maybe my delicate female frame is too weak to work outside the home. Okay, Victorians, you win. I'll order my fainting couch, oh, my husband will order my fainting couch off the internet right away. Also, could someone send some smelling salts?


2. The sinus infections sucks particularly bad because my sister's blessed day of wedded union is tomorrow. I'm excited, but cringe at knowing I'll be the one in the photos with the red nose and the puffy cheeks. Oh. It's not my wedding. Just kidding. I don't care.


3. It's the end of the term, and I'm behind on grading, and I have to write a test on Sunday, and sometimes teaching is hard. Scratch that. Teaching is hard all of the time. Sometimes you at least feel like you are doing a decent job of it, which makes you feel better about it being hard. Teaching: Do it only if you don't have a cushy desk job already lined up.

or Teaching: Is really fun and awesome.

Depends on the day, I guess.

I'll be honest though, there's been some breakdowns of confidence this week, and while I blame the insane amount of cough medicine/drugs I'm on, I'm hoping next week goes better.

And then,

4. I was lame and let myself continue a weird little e-feud I've been entertaining. If I feel like talking about my feelings on it, I will, but I will say I would feel exhausted if I had to feel responsible for somebody else sinning. Even just once. Or even if I could count the times I worried about the sins of someone else on one hand. I guess I just have so many of my own, and while I'm always willing to pawn my own mistakes off/trade them for less offensive ones, I'm not so sure I'd want to worry about someone else. So, backwards kudos, I guess, fellow e-feuder.

And, on my end, it is just as exhausting, and stupid, trying to justify your life to a stranger. Move sender to spam, and move on.


5. I'm super into the new show, Parenthood. I started watching it mostly because I had already re-watched all my Gilmore Girls DVDs this week (Lauren Graham/Loreli Gilmore is in the show,) but I really like it. And, perhaps because I have both personal and familial experience with ADHD and Aspergers spectrum disorders, watching the family cope with their newly diagnosed autistic kid made me weepy and heart-warmed.


6. Cute autistic kid on Parenthood reminded me that I recently attended a Professional Development seminar on teaching ADHD/Autism students which was totally offensive and annoying, because both disorders are complex and require a degree of delicacy. The instructor kept making broad and inaccurate generalizations such as "Children with ADD/ADHD NEVER form true friendships, because they do not understand social norms," and "Children with ADHD Autism can read, but NEVER comprehend what they read."

First, the two disorders are linked, but not the same.

Secondly, there is no such thing as NEVER.


Yes, sometimes these things happen. Sometimes to people with ADD or whatever spectrum disorder. Sometimes to normals.

Sometimes not at all.

I remember a pediatrician telling my mother I would never be able to comprehend anything I read, to which my mother told him I just received a 5 on my AP Literature exam.

And, I've made some friends, too.

And your kid can and will too.

And your kid, should he or she have any form of spectrum disorder, will also have many gifts that a "normal" person never will. They will be smart, creative, caring, and brilliant.

Don't let the debbie downers tell you otherwise. Get a new doctor/teacher/therapist and spend a lot of time realizing how cool your kid is.



beware the ides of march

As of 12:42 today, I've been married for 3 years, which seems exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. (Mostly because I've never done anything else for three years, and please don't make that into a gross pun.)

And now, for today's in class discussion question:

In my limited experience, when a girl gets a boyfriend, her grades go down. But when a boy gets a girlfriend, his grades go up. Why?

Am I making a gross generalization based on weird gender roles? Do I need to expand my field of inquiry? (So far I've observed the phenomenon 7 times.) Can I just blame society? Because I love blaming society for the world's ills.


now this is just getting out of hand*

One of my students hides a single drumstick in his sock, under his pant leg. When someone says something funny, he whips it out and does the "bun dun ching," comedic-drum-thing on his desk.

Isn't that hilarious?

I'm of two minds about the procedure. I mean, I guess I should be all behavior managementey and tell him to stop. But really, it is awesome and hilarious, and the drumstick goes right back in the sock when he's finished, so.....Oh to hell with it. It's hilarious and I'm letting it stay. For now.

In other news, chocolate chip cookies are delicious frozen.

That's all I got.

*The teaching stories, I mean. But in all honesty, I just don't do much else. I mean, besides watch TV and craft compulsively. Maybe after I'm done being a teacher blogger I'll suddenly go craft blogger and show you the kick-a bag I made last week.

Talk about blog whiplash.



child bride lately

Behold. A scene.

This morning, whilst filling out some copy forms in the library....

Student (not mine, a random): Heeeeeeeyyy, you're all dressed up, why are you all dressed up. You look, really nice.

Me: Crickets chirping. *

Student: Now staring intently. I mean you look really..... long pause......Oh my gosh. You're a teacher. I, I didn't realize, I um, DIDN'T MEAN TO....this is awkward.

Me: Yep.

exit Student

Bahahahahahaha. You want to know something gross though, and totally inappropriate? In another universe, someone would have thought this flattering and pursued this. Yes, folks, once again, a school employee has slept with a student. (linksy there) What is wrong with the world? Seriously? I don't understand, so instead, I will just make inappropriate comments about cafeteria workers for the rest of the week.

What else is new with the internet?

*I feel like I need to tell you, I was wearing a calf-length skirt, and A SWEATER SET. So this kid clearly really digs sister missionaries, because not only do I know that sleeping with a 15 year old is wrong, but also I know how to dress at work with the teens.


happy woodland creatures, and also kittens.

It's always good to start out with a nice visual, right?

Blogging is a tricky thing.

There are lots of blurry lines, which makes it difficult to hold blogging up to the standards of regular media. Would people be telling me I'm personally attacking James Cameron if I blogged about disliking even the idea of watching Avatar? Probably not.

So far, no one has told me I hate Stephenie Meyer, and I've made it pretty clear how I feel about her writing style. (Annoying.)

And remember when I told you I thought Rocket Boys was poorly written? No one told me I was running a hate blog against Homer Hickam.

But saying you don't like a blog is tricky. Especially if the blog is what I like to call an "In-between*" blog.

It's okay to say you don't like a "Subject" blog, (politics, fashion, home decorating, etc.) because it's obvious that it probably isn't the writer you don't like, just the product/message. For instance, it's okay to not like a certain fashion blog, because it's okay not to like leggings as pants. It's the fashion you don't like, not the person inside the leggings pants. For these type of blogs, it's the product, not the person, you don't like.

Then there are "Family" blogs. It is good manners to say only nice things about a family blog, because if the person just wants to post cute pictures for grandma in Florida, you should probably stick to the "if you can't say anything nice" rule. Let grandma enjoy the baby photos, and move on.

But the "In-between" blogs are tricky. They've got the cute baby photos: say something nice!

But they've also got the politics, the religion, the opinions.... the product that they are producing for mass consumption. They've also got the friends. The real life and online friends that would do anything to stand up for the person. And sometimes the product. I would know. I write an "In-between" blog.

It's easy to confuse disagreeing and hating. It's easy to see disagreeing, or even, gulp, being annoyed with an "In-between" blog as a personal attack. Because, well, "In-between" blogs seem so personal. It is the cute kid photos. Darn kids.

Is it still possible to like (or, at least not dislike*) the person, but not the "product" of an "In-between" blog?

Is it okay to disagree, sometimes strongly, with a message/writing style/content of a blog without being labeled a "hater?"

I hope so.

Because otherwise I owe James Cameron, Stephenie Meyer, Bella Swan, Homer Hickam, and......someone else........... a big fat apology. Which will be awkward, because I've never met any of those people in real life.

*In-between? Inbetween? In between? One of the many subjects not covered on this blog is grammar. And also spelling. If you don't like this product, please feel free to return and exchange it for another.


when will people learn that equal doesn't mean the same?

Sometimes, I have to break-up with blogs that annoy me.



My students were obsessed with the date today.

Glenn Beck was in my sister's endowment session. It's a good thing I didn't see him, or I would not have been able to think kind thoughts.

My students keep giving me diseases, as a punishment for hiding the hand sanitizer. They lost their hand sanitizer privileges after several of them used it as a weapon. (They like to throw it in each other's eyes during fights, because yes, it temporarily blinds their opponent.) And yes, I do work with several students with behavioral disorders.

The faculty room at my school sells cheap diet coke. Thanks for feeding my addiction, _____________ School District.

Jake chose Vienna Sausage, thus recreating a scene I became all to familiar with during my days at the Blessed U:*

Boy, driven by ambition and a lot of false bravado, feigns interest in finding an equally ambitious mate.

Somehow, though, boy always marries the General Education drop-out who claims to be a teacher when she's really and aide.* Or in this case, the Floridian daddy's girl with very bad taste in hair color.

Oh, humanity. Who says reality TV isn't real?

*Can we make a pact to always refer to the University of Utah as the Blessed U? Okay. Thank you.

** I can see the angry comments now. Yes, I am making a generalization based on stereotypes. Yes, stereotypes are sometimes true. Yes, my profession makes me overly sensitive about faker-teachers. No, I am not talking about you. Yes, there are some instances in which a 4 year degree is not feasible. Yes, everyone is different and makes the choices that are best for them......Blah Blah Blah I'm an education snob, and I think I am better than you. Copy. Paste.