bad news: i haven't even caught up on greek yet

Good news: It's Spring Break and I'm going to Moab. Moab is basically my favorite place in the world, because it is beautiful, but also cheap. (Knocking some serious contenders, like London, out of the running.)

Bad news: I sucked as an educator this week. I get spring fever just as bad as any 15 year old.

If I promise to do better next week, can we call it even?


NIKOL said...

I've never been to Moab, but I always hear good things. Hope you have a lovely time! Happy Spring!!

alishka babushka said...

i'm anxious to know what you thought of Greek. I won't spill any I hope you'll post something about your reactions once you ARE caught up. please. thank you. ;)

MamaBear said...

missed you. glad you dropped by. :D