hi internet

Hi. Here's a list of stuff that is going on. It is a long list, because I am sick and can't sleep. Typing makes me sleepy.

1. Sinus infection NUMBER TWO is being fought, with various amounts of success. Yes, that is right folks, two sinus infections in two months. I've basically been sick ever since I got a full-time job. Maybe the Victorians/Crazy Religious Conservatives were right. Maybe my delicate female frame is too weak to work outside the home. Okay, Victorians, you win. I'll order my fainting couch, oh, my husband will order my fainting couch off the internet right away. Also, could someone send some smelling salts?


2. The sinus infections sucks particularly bad because my sister's blessed day of wedded union is tomorrow. I'm excited, but cringe at knowing I'll be the one in the photos with the red nose and the puffy cheeks. Oh. It's not my wedding. Just kidding. I don't care.


3. It's the end of the term, and I'm behind on grading, and I have to write a test on Sunday, and sometimes teaching is hard. Scratch that. Teaching is hard all of the time. Sometimes you at least feel like you are doing a decent job of it, which makes you feel better about it being hard. Teaching: Do it only if you don't have a cushy desk job already lined up.

or Teaching: Is really fun and awesome.

Depends on the day, I guess.

I'll be honest though, there's been some breakdowns of confidence this week, and while I blame the insane amount of cough medicine/drugs I'm on, I'm hoping next week goes better.

And then,

4. I was lame and let myself continue a weird little e-feud I've been entertaining. If I feel like talking about my feelings on it, I will, but I will say I would feel exhausted if I had to feel responsible for somebody else sinning. Even just once. Or even if I could count the times I worried about the sins of someone else on one hand. I guess I just have so many of my own, and while I'm always willing to pawn my own mistakes off/trade them for less offensive ones, I'm not so sure I'd want to worry about someone else. So, backwards kudos, I guess, fellow e-feuder.

And, on my end, it is just as exhausting, and stupid, trying to justify your life to a stranger. Move sender to spam, and move on.


5. I'm super into the new show, Parenthood. I started watching it mostly because I had already re-watched all my Gilmore Girls DVDs this week (Lauren Graham/Loreli Gilmore is in the show,) but I really like it. And, perhaps because I have both personal and familial experience with ADHD and Aspergers spectrum disorders, watching the family cope with their newly diagnosed autistic kid made me weepy and heart-warmed.


6. Cute autistic kid on Parenthood reminded me that I recently attended a Professional Development seminar on teaching ADHD/Autism students which was totally offensive and annoying, because both disorders are complex and require a degree of delicacy. The instructor kept making broad and inaccurate generalizations such as "Children with ADD/ADHD NEVER form true friendships, because they do not understand social norms," and "Children with ADHD Autism can read, but NEVER comprehend what they read."

First, the two disorders are linked, but not the same.

Secondly, there is no such thing as NEVER.


Yes, sometimes these things happen. Sometimes to people with ADD or whatever spectrum disorder. Sometimes to normals.

Sometimes not at all.

I remember a pediatrician telling my mother I would never be able to comprehend anything I read, to which my mother told him I just received a 5 on my AP Literature exam.

And, I've made some friends, too.

And your kid can and will too.

And your kid, should he or she have any form of spectrum disorder, will also have many gifts that a "normal" person never will. They will be smart, creative, caring, and brilliant.

Don't let the debbie downers tell you otherwise. Get a new doctor/teacher/therapist and spend a lot of time realizing how cool your kid is.



Ru said...

Ah, the e-feud. Someday I hope to gain the maturity you've displayed already by sending people to spam.

PS - LOVE "Parenthood."

Alyosha said...

I really like parenthood too. Loved when Julia almost drowned Sydney.

K Schniddy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. Every child is unique.
Don't worry, the first year of teaching is the hardest. There will still be challenges, but it will get easier with experience.

The Boob Nazi said...

It's the kids getting you sick. And I feel your pain on the sinus infection thing. That ish hurt like a motha trucka.

Also, is Dan getting you makeup to make you feel pretty while you're sick?

SammyStewart said...

So true on the autism and Asperger's thing. People with these conditions often grow up to be married with careers and children and meaningful relationships. Lowered expectations and hopes are counterproductive. Both conditions have such a broad spectrum of severity that those generalizations are not only stupid in attitude, but downright ignorant.

Lauren said...

My first year of teaching I had pink eye 5 times, yes, 5!! And strep throat at least as often. You'll build up an awesome immune to all types of illnesses.
And I love #3 on your list. Couldn't agree more.

b. said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for number 6 and the "rant" after. As the Mom of a newly diagnosed (not discovered-I knew something was not right) daughter (13 yrs old) with ADHD...I needed your words.

Any recommended reading on the subject?

Brooke said...

LOVED this!!!

Emily said...

Coming out of lurker-hood to comment. Woah, this is a momentus step for me.

Since beginning teaching in 2006, I'm basically sick with some kind of head cold/congestion/strep throat variation from October to March. This was actually the first year I had a healthy December! So, maybe you can look forward to year number 4...

Mrs. Clark said...

Reminds me of the time a girl in my daughters' school committed suicide--in a hotel room on a school trip. (The girl was also a member of our ward; she was quite disturbed, though brilliant, and had made other attempts, so this was just a sad end to a tragic life.) A woman came to the school to talk to the parents of the kids in the group and said, "Suicide can always be prevented!" I nearly went ballistic. I knew this girl had had medical care and her parents had done everything they could for her. And how was that supposed to make the kids who were with her on the trip feel? I kind of told her off.

Rynell said...

I applaud your rant. I've got family members with ADHD and I completely agree with you.

I've been reading Dr. Hallowell's books, Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction. The second one was most helpful for me. I particularly like that he is a doctor with ADD himself and he is successfully treating patients. He knows what he's talking about. I like experts who have real-life experience with stuff to teach me about it.

Nookleerman said...

You should move to Texas. I just talked to a teacher who lives there and he said they make about $15,000 more a year starting than teachers in Utah. Plus houses cost half as much. Just check or Just a thought.

Boone said...

How did I miss this post? I love you. And you know why.

Nicole said...

Oh crap! That was me that loved you, not my husband! Sorry about THAT weirdness...

Kelly said...

I'm just a lurker, but like what you said and how you said it so I had to let you know.

Also, it's not a good first year of teaching until you come home with lice, embrace the sinus infections.

Won't it be a great world when we finally evolve to holding seminars about boringly average robot children? Creativity, brains and emotions rule!

Jayde said...

Yes! I have several family members with aspergers, and a friend with aspergers. They aren't exactly super-social, but they have friends, and what they lack in social skills, they more than make up for in intellect.
Awesome post!