now this is just getting out of hand*

One of my students hides a single drumstick in his sock, under his pant leg. When someone says something funny, he whips it out and does the "bun dun ching," comedic-drum-thing on his desk.

Isn't that hilarious?

I'm of two minds about the procedure. I mean, I guess I should be all behavior managementey and tell him to stop. But really, it is awesome and hilarious, and the drumstick goes right back in the sock when he's finished, so.....Oh to hell with it. It's hilarious and I'm letting it stay. For now.

In other news, chocolate chip cookies are delicious frozen.

That's all I got.

*The teaching stories, I mean. But in all honesty, I just don't do much else. I mean, besides watch TV and craft compulsively. Maybe after I'm done being a teacher blogger I'll suddenly go craft blogger and show you the kick-a bag I made last week.

Talk about blog whiplash.



The Boob Nazi said...

At least he's not beating other kids with it?

NIKOL said...

You know that drumstick in the sock can't be comfortable. That student is showing some serious dedication to humor. I applaud that. Did he also love Atticus Finch? Because then he definitely deserves and A+.

stewbert said...

that's probably the least obnoxious use of a drumstick in class that I've heard of.

the drummers in my HS always played on their desks with both sticks. made me crazy.

lindsey said...

That is HILARIOUS. I'd probably let him do it too!

Some kids are so damn witty and can't squash it.

Aunt Spicy said...

all this teasing about crafting and sewing and no pictures...

~j. said...

I want my kids to be in your classroom.

Carley A. T. said...

I believe classroom management is the hardest part of teaching.

I would all be so much easier if our students were learning zombies, where they'd stare attentively to the front of the classroom asking for more learning.

Ah. Dreams.

Becky said...

would love to see your crafts

AzĂșcar said...

Keep the drumstick.

My husband keeps a spray bottle that students can come grab and spray with water their fellow students who've fallen asleep.

Brooke said...

Awesome story.