things i wonder about

In which I talk about things that bother me, so they won't bother me anymore. Because Westminster told me I'm a verbal/ linguistic learner.

1. Should I be offended by the older male teacher in my department who calls me "kiddo?" I'm leaning towards not, (even though several people told me I should be,)because when I'm deciding whether or not to be offended, I always like to consider tone. Co-worker calls me "kiddo" in a friendly nice way, not a condescending idiot way. Is it PC? No. Is it offensive? Probably not.

2. Sometimes I wonder if passive-aggressive people just think everyone else is an idiot. Because the classic passive-aggressive tactic is to manipulate words and tone so that they can claim something that isn't true. But it is always really obvious and pathetic looking, so why not be outright aggressive. (Be, aggressive, be, be, aggressive.)

For instance, I had another co-worker tell me she was "happy (I) got the job even though there were more qualified applicants." You weren't there, but I can tell you what her tone really said: "You're an idiot." Additionally, did she really think that if she said she was happy about my job that I wouldn't notice the jab later?

3. Three weeks until school is over. Will I survive?


Jessica said...

If I can survive til the fetus comes out, you can survive school! We will do this together!!!!
"You're gonna get a 5, I'm gonna get a 5...we're both gonna get 5s!"

AzĂșcar said...

I vote that you start calling him "gramps." Turn about's fair play.

Ru said...

Got to b-e-a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e .... goooooooo team!

So glad someone else referenced that cheer.

Embrace the kiddo. It sounds charming. But then again, I love weird old men, so my advice may not be sound.

gurrbonzo said...

Look, kiddo, chances are you'll probably make it til the end of school, even though sometimes more qualified people don't.


MamaBear said...

it took me until i was 30 to understand that i think better when my mouth is running. the mother laughed heartily when i figured this out as she had known it since i was 1... i'm glad you got it together a bit sooner. :D

Jodi said...

i like you.

Rynell said...

I wonder the same thing about passive-aggressive people.

People who hit you with a compliment and then a jab bug me. I feel the same way about people who say, "I'm sorry, but...." because excuses negate the apology.

Hang on--summer's coming. Just as soon as we get a week without snowflakes.

Chels... said...

Passive aggressive people crack me up. Always makes me feel better about my life. ;)