I don't know why this amused me so,

But it did.

This is an email from my Mom.

hey everyone. We are in coppenhagen We do not have cell service. We are happy and eating lots of food. it is beautiful. drew will gain 20 pounds. kallie is on the A team. all is well. tell brett. jess loves him it makes us sick. it smells like pasteries and nicotine here. we love it.
the family

She's an English teacher, too.


lifeofdi said...

This is entertaining, but now I'm sitting here trying to think of what Copenhagen smelled like to me. Because it was not pastries and nicotine.

Lena said...

Please tell me it was just like that. No capital letters or anything. That totally reminded me of the postcard we just got from Nik's girlfriend who is in Japan for the summer, and she's 7. Way to go mom.

CaitStClair said...

Ha ha! Got to love foreign keyboards!