pray for me

I go to Girls Camp tomorrow.

Good news:

1. We have running water!

2. I am going as a leader, not as youth. This alone is the best part of camp. I will tell you why.

a. There will be no awkward fights over who gets to sleep in which tent with who. Girls are vicious, and someone is always left out. Usually because a group of girls decides that since they have been friends since elementary, they must all sleep in the same tent, and girls who they have known since junior high are simply not real friends and have to go sleep with the beehives.

Wow. Projecting much, Childbride? Anyway. I will be sleeping in the tent with the leaders. As adults, they must at least pretend to be friends with me.

b. I am an adult and I can bring any contraband I want, and there is no one to confiscate it. Yes, that means I will be bringing diet coke and I don't care if you judge me. If I am going to spend the better part of a week hanging out in a tent and eating food with dirt in it, (I don't get the appeal of camping,) I am going to have a beverage. I will also be bringing copious amounts of candy.

Moving on,

3. Our stake had the good sense not to impose some ridiculous theme on us. (Including but not limited to: Disney princesses, sayings that don't make sense (It's not the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breaths away,) or any other such nonsense. This is good, because I would not be able to tow that line without a hearty degree of cynicism. And the last thing my precious and righteous* young women need is a leader who is addicted to caffeine, hates camping, and makes fun of quasi-religious gatherings.

*Seriously, it's a post for another day, but my young women are waaaaaayyy more righteous than me. None of my laurels have even kissed anyone, let alone made a point to make out with as many of the young men as possible. (Still projecting.)


The Boob Nazi said...

ugh, good luck. I hate camping. I hated girls' camp.

Lauren said...

I'm headed to girls camp tomorrow, too. I have a total of 2 Beehives going and the other leader refuses to share a tent, so I'll be sleeping in my own. I figure that won't be too bad. Unfortunately, our stake did impose a silly theme so we will be inundated with all things stars.
Have a fun time & enjoy your Diet Coke!

aubrey said...

I'm leaving for Girls Camp next week, and I'm 100% with you on the diet coke front.

and the tent thing.

also the more-righteous young women part.

Carley A. T. said...

The one time I went to girls camp some very vicious girls sat outside our tent making fun of one of my bunk mates until she started bawling, and they thought it was hilarious.

And that was the last time I went to LDS girls camp.

MamaBear said...

my biggest requirement for girls' camp was flush toilets. i will NOT go camping without flush toilets. my mother swears she remembers me coming home from such a trip cursing, but it was actually the MENTION of such a trip. and i quit going. f'reels.

it's not the flush, actually, but the toilet seat that matters most, y'feel me?

Abbee said...

thank god this is my last year of girls camp. we have TWENTY-TWO BEEHIVES in our ward...heaven help me.

i'll prayin for ya, but you better pray for me too.

Motherboard said...

Our stake theme was: "The line has been drawn, whose team are you on?"

What the crap do you do with THAT?

(I took my phone, ipod AND a cooler full of Diet Coke the last time I went to GC. Hell, here I come!)

Flo said...

there was no judging space, you diet coke addict!
no, seriously, good luck.

She said...

I am reminded of a Girls' Camp where we made the names of Disney Princesses stand for really dirty things...

Liv said...

One year at camp, our theme was to yell "I SEE YOU BABY, SHAKIN' THAT THANG!" any time we saw one of the girls from our branch.

We were a little bit obnoxious, and there were only 5 of us.