more things you should know about me

I've discussed this before: I have certain random words that I hate. They are the plague of my life. I don't listen to my voicemail anymore, because my family members and friends like to leave me random messages saying nothing but words used by Mormons in prayers about rain or snow, and words starting with a hard "p" sound.

I also hate paisley patterns. It looks like sperm. Also, the "p" sounds.

However, despite these feelings, I am strangely grateful to my friends Spence and Jess for this blog post. (link HERE)

If only because, for the first time in my life, I can leave someone a comment telling them how much their blog offends me personally. It is nice to be on the other side of that particular equation.


The Boob Nazi said...

Paisley is awesome, and you suck. :)

Xan said...

I hate the "m-word" too. For the love, call it what it is! I shudder (visibly) anytime it is uttered. And probably roll my eyes at my roommate...but that would insinuate that I wasn't bowing my head nor closing my

Nicole said...

Apparently you missed the memo that informed all of us good Mormons that it's more righteous to be grateful for "moisture" rather than rain. My husband haaaatttes that word too.

I hate the word "temblor". No idea why, but it pisses me right off.

Lisa Louise said...

but steep what would we do without being grateful for the MOISTURE?? :) haha!

Mrs. Clark said...

I'm with you on the m word. But it has two syllables rather than one, so it's better, right? Like my personal pet peeve, people (sorry) who use "myself" instead of "me."

And I agree with Nicole about "temblor." What the h? I'm from L.A. and lived through the 1971 quake, and they never used that term then!

NIKOL said...

I enjoy paisley, and do not share your aversion to "p" sounds.

But I'm sure we can agree that "moist ointment" is the most disgusting phrase ever.

Abby said...

I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog but I'm glad I did. You are a very refreshing lady.