Last night, as I was washing my face, I got really frustrated because I could not seem to get all the smeared mascara off my eyes. I kept scrubbing and scrubbing.

Then I realized that I wasn't dealing with smudged mascara. I just had really big dark circles under my eyes.

This job is killing me.


Mrs. Clark said...

Hang in there. You are doing a lot of good.

mommy dearest said...

i am sending you a fundle. with the classic words of encouragement
"You did a good thing"

laura loo said...

this is a classic "oh shi*" moment. I feel you. now try to take a nap.

laura loo said...

also, at least you didn't PAINT your face with darkness and scream at random innocent children. thus, you still win at life.

Carley A. T. said...

It's Halloween! Time to lay back and scare all the little kids who come knocking on your door.