i have to post it before it becomes irrelevant

So you have a blog? What do you blog about?

Uh, well, my Mormon rage, dumb stuff my students say, dumb stuff my peers say, and crap I make because I am genetically and culturally bred to sew and hot glue.

Oh. Um. How interesting.

Yes, and once every few months I post a photo of something I make.

Oh cool! I only read blogs if there is a picture! Especially if it is essentially the same photo, just from a slightly different angle, or in a different outfit.


That said, here is a wreath I made when I was really ticked off about something. When I get really mad, I engage in really elaborate craft projects.* This time it involved hand-sewing dozens of tiny felt flowers. The end result matches the shag carpet my grandparents used to have, but oh well. I think it was very festive for fall.

Yeah. That is a crapload of felt flowers.

Also, please appreciate that I moved the wreath into my orange bathroom in an attempt to color coordinate. A slight improvement over photographing it on one of the numerous gray walls throughout my house. I'm boring.

*I've said it once, and I've said it again: Crafting is cheaper than therapy.

Now it is your job to tell me how talented and creative I am, and beg me to open an etsy shop instead of using my degree at a real job.


Rachey Smart said...

That really is cute!

Lena said...

I think you should call me next time you do some rage-crafting. I need some motivation, and I generally only get it from someone else. That is a really awesome wreath.

Aunt Spicy said...

love it! but crafting is only therapy if you have a day definitely keep yours!

The Smith Family said...

You do not know me...but I'm sure you get lots of comments from people you don't know. I just felt the need to thank you for being bold enough to say the things I haven't been able to. I have no idea how I even came across your blog tonight but I have spent the last hour reading and reading and finally feeling at peace with myself knowing there is someone else in the world who feels so closely to the way I do. I really needed to find this blog this week. I've felt so out of place with myself and my life lately and I think this is just what I need to be able to take a step back and think for myself instead of just doing what I'm sure everyone "expects" me to do. Thank you.

Ru said...

That's super cute, I am jealous of your skills.

PS - I used to tell my sister all the time she should do etsy on the side because she's really artistic, and finally she was like, "Do you not understand how etsy works for the seller?"

No. No I did not. I kind of thought it was like a nicer Craigslist, hahaha.

Carley A. T. said...

Scew etsy. Etsy is a pain in the ass. It is always better to craft for yourself and give it as you please. Also, we should get together sometime to gripe about students. It would be awesome.

ChristyLove said...

I think it's actually an ass-load of felt flowers.

All I could talk about last year was wanting a sewing machine. Got one for christmas, but now it sits in a dusty corner, all by it's lonesome, because I'm scared of it.