nothing amuses me more

Than wanna-be sorority girl cougars acting all put-out about a game they didn't watch. Your team lost, you didn't get jilted at the altar.

You can rebound with Heaps next year when he pulverizes us.


Julie said...

But Steph... didn't you know? Nothing impresses a boy more than a girl with perfectly set hair, blue ribons, and cute little cougar paw stickers next to her eyes, who can regurgitate well-memorized football facts that she secretly only overheard her brother telling her dad. Never mind that she doesn't even know what a field goal IS, let alone why its significant that BYU missed one.

Yes, in case you didn't catch on, those girls irritate me too.

Stephanie said...

Julie. I am glad we agree on the really important stuff.

And the cougar paw stickers? Dead on.

Lisa Louise said...

whoa whoa, they won't pulverize us next year :)

Colt said...

Whining must be a required course at the Y.

Brooke said...

Bwahaha! Julie is brilliant.