things I don't like

Even though I'm supposed to.

1. Voting

2. Real Christmas Trees

3. Modern Family. Put. Your. Pitchforks. Down. *

4. The UEA

5. Anthropologie

6. Your kid.**

7. FHE

*Look. I get it. It is funny. I'm just too busy watching every Community episode 3 times in a row. I don't have time for Modern Family. No matter how adorable the gay couple or Asian baby.

** No, no, not your kid. I LOVE your kid. Of course.

What don't you like? (Even though you're supposed to...)


The Boob Nazi said...

I need an explanation on the Christmas tree thing. Because this year is my first year of getting a real Christmas tree, and I want to cry from happiness.

Hm, Aviators? Voting as well. I have a whole post devoted to this and don't remember all those things anymore.

amanda said...

Politics (even though I majored in Poli-Sci). School jaded me.

Testimony meetings.

Ace said...


1. I love voting... everyone else voting? Problem.
2. Every Christmas tree should be made of tinsel.
3. Modern Family... Meh. Cliche's X 10 to the 10th.
4. Anthropologie... the knick-nack section is ok.
5. No one likes your kid(or your dog).
6. I don't like abbreviations either. :)

Miranda said...

The Nie-Nie Dialogs. I don't get it.

Linds said...


Green beans. Cooked carrots. Missionary work [especially when it comes to talking to my family about the Church because they always try to turn it into a contentious debate]

Mrs. Clark said...

Hey, I quit getting real Christmas trees after shopping for one 7 months pregnant, with a 3-year-old in tow, and in freezing weather. We got a fake and have never looked back.

Not a Modern Family fan, either. And FHE was practically nonexistent here--that was a mistake though. Try to like it! Try to get your future kids to at least hear a little about Jesus from you and Spouseman instead of from other people all the time.

I hated college. And I'm with Amanda--not a fan of testimony meetings. I also hate shopping trips longer than about 2 hours--3 if I get to break it up with lunch in a really good restaurant. I like well-behaved kids. Anthropologie--take it or leave it. Overpriced.

But I do like voting. I go between 9 a.m. and noon.

Tristin said...

1. church
2. "family values"
3. MoTab (pretty much all church music)
4. babies

NIKOL said...

Miranda, I totally agree.

Right now, the thing I don't like that I'm supposed to is Cub Scouts. I am the Webelos leader. I love the boys. But I hate Scouting. I think most of the stuff they do is either lame or downright stupid. And I have a giant chip on my shoulder when it comes to how the Church pushes Boy Scouts but doesn't have any equivalent for girls. But, I'm there every week in my corny Boy Scout uniform, acting excited about achievement badges or whatever. I'm really trying to make it fun for the boys, because I know it really matters to a few of them (my own son included). And I also know that our ward is desperate for reliable leaders. So, I'm there giving it my all. But deep down, I really loathe my calling.

Becky said...

& visiting teaching (gasp)

TheOneTrueSue said...


At first I loved.

Then they did one too many film-school meta episodes and now I just watch it and think Meh.

I want to love it, but don't. I think Zombie Halloween lost me forever.

Jess said...

sometimes wearing garmets. maybe i am just not completely used to them yet. and maybe because they hit the chubbiest part of my belly and turn it into a two part belly.

mormons. yes, i am included in this category. especially in light of the post just before this one.

my calling as enrichment counselor in the rs.


in laws. hate hate double hate that you don't have any.


Natalia said...

red vines
most cartoons
peanut butter

Drees009 said...

Know what I hate? Getting someone's ultrasound shoved in your face and out of courtesy feigning excitement. Like their little blob on a black trapezoidal print-out is supposed to be the most awesome thing you've ever seen. I have a secret: your blob looks just like everyone else's blob. And over time it will mutate into an equally offensive child.

Courtney said...

I'm new to your blog, but think that it is excellent!

Right now I hate my ward. Even though most people say that it is/was the best "ward family" they've ever been in. It feels more like a clique to me.

Colt said...

Church, Parenthood(the show not the actual act of parenting), Christmas Caroling, Hymns, Sleeping in Cafe Rio and Abercrombie (though I may now be old enough that I am not expected to like A&F).

Oh and being Home Taught, just take me to the damn airport and leave me alone the rest of the time.

TheOneTrueSue said...

Also? Anthropologie. So ugly.

Fritz said... me a commy pinko

Abby said...

Taylor Swift.

Photo slide shows with cheesy Michael Buble/Josh Groban songs in the background... I always feel awkward when everyone else is gushing about them and I'm gagging in the corner.

And the big one? I detest SCRAP BOOKING. Ewwww.

Kari said...

Romantic comedies, romantic novels, most LDS novels, consevative/right wing politics. I like getting together for holidays, etc., but hate summertime family reunions. Lastly, I hate that my daughter is going on a mission. Go ahead and shoot me.

MissRissa said...

Visiting teaching
Three hour church-no one else has to go that long
The color mustard yellow

Mar said...

I hate Dooce's blog. She's not funny. Nie Nie too--not interested.

Booyah on testimony meeting haters. I take Any chance I get to bring Grace home for a nap so I can get out of listening to the testimonies of others.

Uggs/skinny jeans/leggings/women who try to dress ten years younger than they are. Blurgh! So many fashion dislikes. Throw Anthropolgie in there too.

Forrest Gump.

American Idol.

Camille said...

Visiting teaching. Finally said it out loud.

Also hate jeggings. Maybe they're "all the rage" but I think they make everyone look fat. Everyone.

Breanne said...

Being part of a "ward family." Or anyone using that term.

Allison said...

ha! I love this list.

Ditto on the FHE. I'm so glad someone else I respect admitted it.

I love Modern Family AND Community, and feel that is why was invented.

One for me: the big plaques/family proclamations that say the family name and then "Established ____(year they got married)". blech.

Oh, and those FHE assignment boards. But that's probably because I don't like FHE.

Oh, and pets. All of them. I had kids instead.

Ru said...

So many things I hate ... but so many of them have already been listed, hahaha.

Basically everything church-related. I know, I have a bad attitude. But to be specific ... visiting teaching, Relief Society, Relief Society meetings, testimony meeting, just about anything with the word "meeting." My singles ward. The crusty look I get every time I tell someone I'm thinking of moving my records from the singles ward to a family ward. (FINE, I'm a quitter, ok?) The Gospel Principles book. The Old Testament. Uh ... probably should stop now.

Facebook. Have no idea why I'm still on it, have hated it for at least 18 months. Unfortunately, it is where all my pictures are stored. :/

Deanna said...

Hi there! I am gurrbonzo's friend and have been stalking you for a little while. I like how you think!

Brian Regan. Pleh! Mormons love to go on and on about how clean he is. He's a comedian. If he's not funny, it doesn't matter if he's clean. And he's not funny.

Well, for all that, Mormons. We are such an awkward people. We sure do mean well. We sure do try, but put too many of us together and we can be painfully judgmental and trying way too hard to impress everyone with how righteous/smart/fashionable we are.

Twilight and any talk of Twilight. Sweet Valley High meets a vampire. I didn't read Sweet Valley High when I was a tweener and I sure as hell don't want to read it now.

Sacrament meeting with two kids under three. Though, am I supposed to like that?

Erin said...

Thai food.

AzĂșcar said...

Sue--those are the only episodes of Community I like.

Ms. Quantz said...

Sunday School

Having home teachers over

New houses (newly built, that is)


ChristyLove said...

I don't like

1.) Hair touching the back of my neck.
2.) Taking ibuprofen for a headache and THEN realizing it's coming from my ponytail.
3.) Feeling like all I have to talk about is my hair.
4.) Traveling to vote. Vote-by-mail is glorious, however.
5.) Not knowing how to make my comments sections say something similar to "back away from the computer, mean commenter person."

There's more.

Kristen Cawley said...

Harry Potter (meh), Twilight, Precious Moments (hydro-cephalic), Robert Kinkade paintings, chicken on the bone, Olive Garden (I can make spaghetti at home for 89 cents). Anything wildly popular. I find solace in liking the misunderstood, unknown, off-beat.