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Hi internet.

I'm procrastinating some major teacher work here, and thought that the most noble way to procrastinate in my job would be to talk about my job. So here we go.

1. I'm Reaganing.* And it feels so good. Seriously, the last couple days have been excellent teaching days. I feel like I'm teaching awesome material (To Kill a Mockingbird and Rhetoric in the Roman Republic.) I feel like my students are learning and growing and enjoying most of the process, and I feel like I'm finally making progress as an educator. Woot Woot Child Bride!

I kvetch about this job a lot, and I usually only respond with sarcasm when asked how my job is going, but damn, I love this crazy behemoth of a high school. I'm still not perfect, I had a rough start with some class discussion topics today, but overall, I'm improving. My students are improving.

2. My co-workers are talking to me. Last year, when I was just a temporary replacement teacher, I felt sort of shut out of the day to day co-worker interactions. I understand their perspective. Time and energy are precious commodities in teaching, and it's hard to reach out to someone who may not be there in four months. But now that I'm here, it's been great to branch out and talk to other teachers. I live for those moments when we all reaffirm that what we do is important. Regardless of the crappy paychecks, the bad stereotypes, and the lack of societal respect, we do good work.

I also live for the times when a teacher confesses that she often misspeaks when talking about Huck Finn. During teacher evaluations. And yes, she said what you think she said.

So there you go. I like my job. Even though I'm breaking out in ways worse then when I was actually a teen. Even though my weight is fluctuating like a beauty queen between competitions. Even though I keep waking up earlier to get here hours before school starts, and I stay hours after it ends, this is a good job, and I like it here.



Femme Facetious said...

To Kill a Mockingbird (sorry, I don't know how to do italics in comments...I am an amateur) was my absolute favorite book we ever read in h.s. English class, and it's my favorite book today. There's no question that my excellent 10th grade English teacher had something to do with this.

So, way to go MCB. You are making a difference and your students WILL appreciate it, even if they don't realize it until 5 or 10 years down the road :)

Brian and Lindsey said...

i love that you love your job! my mom said that you have a beautiful classroom...I want pictures! :)

lindsey said...

The long hours never go away, but it just keeps getting better and better. I am so happy that you love it. Best job ever if you can take the pressure and hard work!!

And it sounds like you are taking it!!

Michemily said...

You know, that's funny. Because I think if I were a teacher, I'd want to be left to my own devices and not have to make awkward work friendships. But, you know, that may just be a passing fancy of mine since it's really hard to get away with an attitude like that at any job.

Austin Mabry said...

"Worse than." Don't you teach English?

Stephanie said...


Sheesh, really? In a hastily composed blog post, I made an error. It happens. Admit it, you went for the cop-out grammar error because something else I wrote really pissed you off, and you can't say it.

Or you have nothing interesting to contribute.

How you like them apples?

Austin Mabry said...

Nope, nothing interesting to say, just thought it was ironic... Based on your smart-ass writing style, I assumed you could take as well as you can dish it. It was meant in good fun, but I'm sorry if it came off the wrong way.

I actually have been enjoying reading your blog; but the grammar nazi in me keeps cringing when I see things like this, knowing that you're supposed to be educating tomorrow's utards.

...reminds me of the Utah Drivers Ed teacher who taught my wife's little sister that it's okay to blow through stop signs in parking lots, "Because the cops can't write you a ticket for it."

"How do you like those, apples." Don't you teach English?