in n out

I've never actually eaten at In N Out. I don't say that in some "I'm too cool for trendy crap" (because I love a whole bunch of trendy crap,) I'm just stating a fact. I've had Five Guys though, and that was good.


Speaking of trendy crap, I've compiled a list of trendy things I'm over, and trendy things that can stay. Because I am an expert. It's also kind of like X96 and their "Things that Must Go." I still listen to Radio from Hell in the morning, even though I don't like emo rock.


1. Can we be done shoving our pants into boots? Mostly because I am too OCD to ever do it, and it makes me feel like a fashion failure, and I shame spiral.

2. Silhouettes. Mark my words, someday, we will look back in horror and realize that Sillhouette's are the orange shag carpets of the 2000's. It was cute the first 4,000 times. Seriously, I look forward to the day where we treat Sillhouettes and weird Etsy wreaths like shag carpet and vertical blinds.

3. Blogs where the writer has developed such a large Cult of Personality that it is no longer about the information, or the conversation, but about the writer saying something, and their sheeple nodding in enthusiastic agreement/defense.

4. Married Child Brides calling fictional characters/movie stars their boyfriends. In fact, Married anyones calling anyone their boyfriend. You are married. You have a husband, or, if you prefer, a Spouse. I will even allow you to borrow the Spousetotheman moniker if you stop referring to your husband of five years as your boyfriend. Or Zac Efron.

5. Douchebag hats. I'm not going to explain to what they look like. Just know that girls wear them with big big sunglasses and put flowers on them. And I hate them.


1. Birds. I don't care. I still like them. I'm not going to cover them in glitter and put them all over my house and in my hair, but I will happily wear the bird-motif pajama pants my Mom made me for Christmas.

2. Sewing, Crafting. Because everything I make is darling, and makes me feel included in LDS culture in a way no other things can.

3. (Some) Design-ish blogs. Interesting ones, not some bored stay-at-home-wife with a Pottery Barn Catalog.

4. Blogging, obviously. And although I am not on the Twitter myself, it amuses the heck out of me, so it can stay too.

What say ye, gentle readers. Would you like to play a game of In N Out in the comments? You should. I love audience participation. It can stay.


Brooke said...

Boots ... whether or not you shove your jeans into them, I love them and they should stay.

The iPad. I don't even have one and I love all the things it can and its sleek trendy appeal.

America's sudden interest in a capella vocal music and musicals. Real talent should be celebrated.

Katie Perry and Lady Gaga. Again, real talent should be celebrated. Non-talent should go away.

Huge hairpieces.

Femme Facetious said...

OUT: Blogs where the majority of posts consist of the author promoting some local store/purveyor of cute yet entirely too expensive things. I don't care, and no, I'm not going to buy anything from them, though I am really glad (not) that they gave the author something for free. Because I am cheap and don't WANT to pay $50 for that felt headband that I could make myself, if I were so inclined. Which I am not.

Random "professional" photography where the person is neither a professional nor a photographer, but just some SAHM/mormon child bride with a nice camera. (disclaimer: I also have a nice camera and enjoy taking photos and have been paid for them on occasion, but damn, I can't/won't charge an arm and a leg for an overly photoshopped picture of your shoes.) /end rant/

IN: Knitting. I wish I could do it, and I keep telling myself I'm going to learn (and it feels like something I *could* easily learn, one of these days...). Until then though, I will keep on enjoying the things others make for me. Because I am a user like that.

also IN: Vintage dishware. Because it's cute and makes me feel like I've won the dish lottery at the Salvation Army. Ang it makes me miss my grandma.

OUT: the word "vintage". Sorry, I hate it.

Totally agree with you on the silhouettes, MCB. I can't wait until our kids ask us what the hell we were thinking on that one. And also #1. Because I've tried shoving my pants into boots and damn, it's hard, and I can't do it, and they always come untucked, and I feel like a 28-year-old douchebag trying desperately to reclaim my younger self, and that makes ME shame spiral.

April said...

Skinny jeans, stir-up pants and anything else I wore in junior high. I just can't revisit it as a 30 year old woman. Sorry.

Hilary said...

I happened to be down in Provo yesterday, and I called my sister and in mock horror exclaimed, "I'm in Provo and I am the ONLY woman who's not wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots! Possibly the only person. I feel so awkward and out of place!"

The Boob Nazi said...

Number 4 on the out list. Yeah.

Lauren said...

I'd really like to be your friend in real life, Child Bride.
Love your list of "in n out."
Some of my OUT's: Every mommy blogger who starts a photography business just because they have a nice camera & photo shop, big ol' flowers on tiny baby heads, and "text message" lingo in my student's work: idk, lol, omg, and ttfn.

My IN's: cute beanies, netflix or red box, and Stephen's Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Brandi said...

The word "ginorm" needs to go, but "awesome" can stay.

{B} said...
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{B} said...

You make me so happy. I played this game on my blog too. The whole sheeple thing just really bugs.. also, the weird wreaths.

amanda said...

I think maybe there's a particular blog that we both read. Almost everything on this certain blog I read MUST GO... er I mean is OUT.

BUT I just can't stop reading said blog. It's like a train wreck: You really really don't want to look but you just can't stop yourself. Oh the carnage and the chandelier silhouettes and photos of food and billions of pictures of celebrity "boyfriends" and self-taken photographs that all look the same. Yikes!

On a different note, friendly/silly banter between newscasters is so OUT. I can't handle the awkwardness. Whatever happened to professionals just reading the news in their fancy news voices and leaving it at that?

Ru said...

Out - arty pictures of food. I hate pictures of food on blogs generally, but I REALLY hate it when the picture is of something with a description of how to make it, and all I can think is, "Hmmm, sure would like to be able to tell what that is."

Out - wearing glasses when you don't need them. As the daughter of an optometrist, this offends me particularly. Protect your vision, people! No amount of emo/hipster cred (which you shouldn't be aspiring to, anyway) is worth it.

In - Ben Affleck directed movies. He's like the new Clint Eastwood: semi-crappy actor, really good director.

AZ Larsens said...

Yes I think I read the same blog where EVERYTHING needs to go out. In fact I was going to do a blog post on why I continue reading blogs that make me want to puke.

Colt said...

Pepsi Max...its amazing

Vampire Weekend...hate admitting liking anything with vampires right now, but they are pretty amazing.

Blogs that make me not embarassed to be and three or four others


High School Classmates at Ivy League Schools...mostly because I am petty and jealous.

Glenn Beck...I would gladly go to jail for punching him in the face.

People assuming that working in the Environmental Field means every thing I do involves recycling and not showering.

Jean said...

Out: the word "epic" (SOOOOO out), the phrase "I know, right?" and Katy Perry's voice. Please go out.

In: soft robes and slippers. I wish I could live in them.

Emily said...

Love this post so much I'm actually commenting. I NEVER comment! Go MCB.

Out: Agree with the silhouettes.

Along with homes decorated with silhouettes seems to come "vintage" decorations that are really just tacky tacky things people paid way too much for on etsy.

While we're at it, about 75% of etsy can go too.

And, those HUGE flower headbands that are twice the size of babies' heads. Ooh, how I hate them.

Emily said...

I couldn't think of any "ins" when I initially commented, but one just came to me.

IN: cooking/recipe blogs. Not only do I enjoy drooling over the delicious looking food they are by far the most useful blog out there for my everyday. I love them and, indirectly, so does my husband.

McGee said...


Skinny jeans and the 2% of the population who actually looks ok in them.

Hats that inspire douchbaggery? I'm with you on that one.

And really-coming from outside of Utah...silhouettes? were they ever IN?


New blogs that crack me up-like yours (new to me that is)

Being Mormon AND having a thoughtout opinion of your own.

The word "rad" I'm bringing it back.


JustMe said...

I'm never without an opinion.

Both IN and OUT are BOOBS. Please, please, please I am so tired of boobs being OUT on display. My boobs are 57 and they still look pretty good with the right bra which is no reason to display them to the world.

As to Sillhouettes - what the heck is that? It is certainly not something I've ever seen in the south.

I will have more later - know you can't wait.

JustMe said...
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Lady Elaine said...

-Jeggings w/ comfy boots tucked in. I'm 33 & maybe too old but I'm confident enough in myself to wear things that make me happy whether it's trendy or not.
-FREE podcasts
-So called photographers charging tons for crap pictures.

Lady Elaine said...

I forgot another OUT
- People who say they are too busy to blog or get a facebook account.

Femme Facetious said...

About the huge baby headbands--I have to comment. I'm having a girl in a couple of months and I've already been given like six of these things. They look like you're wrapping your baby's head in an ace bandage and then slapping a flower on the side to pretty it up.

I don't get it, I guess. I mentioned to a friend that I wouldn't be using them and she said, "but how will people know if she's a boy or a girl?"

I don't know. Probably they won't, until she grows hair, and most likely it will ruin her life and she'll blame me forever. :P

Aunt Spicy said...

Can I declare something an OUT before it is actually IN within the US?

MC Hammer pants.

You heard me. All the rage in Europe and the middle east for the past couple of years. Over the last two years they have popped up into Vogue and Elle spreads, even on actresses in movies. They are already selling in tween/teen stores on the west/east coasts. But if we act fast we can make this trend an OUT before it becomes an IN. Are you with me?

Katrina said...

Just have to chime in here that I love skinny jeans (with stretch!) and I love tucking them into boots. I hope that stays IN for sure! :-)

Crappy photographers charging too much can go OUT but so can people not being willing to spend a little money on GOOD photography. Good photography takes talent, technical skill, and time and is worth spending a little money on.

(All that said, I have very mixed feelings about both being annoyed by the oversaturation of people with nice cameras claiming to be photographers and also being a photographer who didn't go to school for it.)

bug said...

Jeans in boots. I desperately wanted this to work for me. I bought cheap Target skinny jeans because I couldn't justify buying expensive jeans for this. I went out holiday-shopping feeling very stylish with my jeans in my boots. "look at me"...."I'm so stylish"...."I've got my cognac boots with my perfect jeans"..."oh, wait- my jeans have reached my chin"..."I have this freakish wrinkle around my knees and thighs." I. Look. Like. A. Freak.

Bekah said...

I've never shoved my jeans into boots because my legs taper down from my hips in such a way that makes the lower half of my body look like an ice cream cone. No skinny jeans, leggings, or tucking jeans into boots for me. So, I'm with you there.

Which brings me to another out- leggings. It doesn't matter that I can't wear them (see ice cream cone dilemma above), I really think they're awful anyway.

Also, when you said Silhouettes are out, I initially thought you meant the machine and my brain exploded because I couldn't understand how those could ever be bad. And then I realized what you meant, and I can agree with you there, although I think they're more of a Utah thing than anywhere else. I haven't seen many people do them in Idaho.

I really would like to see a douchebag hat. It makes me imagine that these girls are wearing actual bags used for douching (I've never really seen one, but I can imagine what it looks like) on their heads for fashion. That's just freaking hilarious. Maybe I don't want to see the real thing and just keep imagining the Hat made out of a tossed Summer's Eve Douche Bag.

Oh, and vampires. I'm so tired of my mom asking me if I've rest the newest, latest, greatest vampire series. Seriously, Mom? I don't care about reading stories about teenage vampires having sex with each other (or whatever the crap they're about).

Silhouettes (the machines) Neeeeeeeeeed!
Which ties into crafting
Which ties into knitting and crocheting and sewing, and I just love doing all this stuff. I grew up in a non-crafty home. I was so deprived.

Less invasive small talk with strangers. I realize people like to talk to you about pregnancy when you're pregnant and they don't know you so it's the only straw to grasp, but it really does get old. So if we don't know each other in real life, let's just talk about that crazy weather, okay? Maybe I'm just a hermit. Um, maybe this should have gone in the out list.

This marbled almond roca-
It is the best thing that happened to me this Christmas. I mean that quite literally, which is actually kind of sad.

I think I have written enough here, considering this is not my blog. But I'm enjoying reading all of the other comments! There are a lot of them with which I totally agree! Also, it bothers me that I have 6 million grammatical errors in my comment, but I'm too lazy to go back and edit.

Stephanie said...

To all the people who can pull off the boots-in-pants, I commend you. I hope you use your powers for good, not evil.

@Aunt Spicy: Some of the "fashion blogs" I read have started featuring those pants, and I agree, they must go. We must prevent a tragedy.

@Femme Facetious: I'm so tired of ad blogs too. Lame. "I got this free thing that you can never afford! Let me tell you about it!"

@Amanda and @AZ Larsens, that blog inspired one thing in particular, and it wasn't until I read your comments that everything else fits too. OUT.

Julie said...

Is it bad that I don't know what silhouettes are? Or douchebag hats? Am I living under a rock?... OR is it a really good thing that I don't know what they are considering they're under the "out" list?

Mrs. Clark said...

You spelled Hewitt's name correctly, but used the wrong "peaked." Should be "piqued." But maybe you really meant your interest was at a peak?

Agree about the silhouettes. Fortunately, not as popular here in the East. And we have long hated the enormous bows/flowers on the brain squeezers. I simply tied a narrow ribbon around my girls' heads when they were babies. It wasn't hard, and no, they weren't so tight that it hurt them. And a baby in a pink dress or a floral shirt isn't going to be taken for a boy--I hope.

meagan said...

I think crafting is in, but the word 'crafting' makes me throw up a little in my mouth (similar to your reaction to a certain 'm' word we all know and loathe). Also 'thrifting'. Gag me.

And on another note. I'm kind of mad that gold jewellery is back in. I love the designs, but gold is SO not me.

{Erica} said...

1. Jeggings. Enough said.

2. Stirrup pants - Gap is selling them. They weren't cool...ever.

3. Uggs. I see them on 1 out of ever 3 women here in California. Hello, a tank top, short skirt, leggings and uggs is NOT cute.

4. Just because you own a DSLR that doesn't have a two second delay and can't fit in your purse doesn't mean you're a photographer.

5. Pre-purchased actions to make your photos look "better". They can be spotted a mile away. Why would you want all your photos to look just like The Pioneer Woman's?

6. Scrapbooking. For me, this has never been in.

7. People thinking I'm less because of my olive skin.

8. Boys sporting the "Zeffron" hairdo. Boys shouldn't have bangs mmmkay.

All you mentioned :)

p.s. For the record I adored birds long before they were trendy.

Rachael said...

Boots - I know I know, I was of the same opinion but I finally caved and bought 1 pair skinny jeans and 1 pair soft boots from Ross. Love em. They feel like house slippers and keep the lower leg part of me warm.

That being said...

Ug Boots. What the hell people? Did you put your foot into a moon boot (yeah, those should never return either) and pull the lining out and decide to walk in them? It was ridiculous to see girls walking around in 105 degree weather in Phoenix in micro shorts and UGly boots.

Sillouettes. I'm a yearbook designer, my art directors are teenagers, you have no idea. Add to that yearbooks with covers of ipod, iphone, ianything, puzzles, and notebooks. It's been done people, move on.