things i like

Even though I'm not supposed to. (See my list of things I don't like HERE)

1. Carbs

2. Gay Marriage

3. Private/Charter schools. (Some public educators think they encourage people not to value and invest in public education. Sometimes that is true. But sometimes it means one less kid in my class. Sometimes they have a better education experience in a school with different resources. And sometimes it means that kid comes back after a month at a "Charter School" where all they do is eat pizza and watch you tube. Lesson learned. Either way, I'm all about options.)

4. President Obama. I know lots of you don't like him anymore, but I'm still faithful.

5. Vampire Diaries, notably Damien.

6. My married name. Am I a bad feminist for taking, and liking, my husband's last name?

7. Childless evenings at home doing whatever I want.

8. Processed foods.

9. Caffeine

10. Politically incorrect phrases of derision, usually involving a swear.

What do you like? (Even though you are not supposed to.)


~j. said... the top:

~ charter schools (my kids don't go to one, but they used to.)
~ President Obama
~ Swearing
~ Desperate Housewives
~ That I didn't finish college
~ Driving my kids wherever they need to be
~ Laundry

ps, you're supposed to like carbs: that's what the word of wisdom says.

Femme Facetious said...

Agree with you on all ten of those. Particularly #5 (Damon = the hotness). Enjoying #7 for 2 more months, then it's gone forever.

I enjoy the instances in which I am right and my husband is wrong a little too much, I think.

I also like the Olive Garden (on occasion). According to my friends this means I have extremely banal taste. The fact that they react that way makes me love the chicken alfredo even more.

I love making snarky comments to people on facebook, especially in response to some stupid homophobic, racist, or merely uninformed political epithet. I know I should just keep my mouth shut but as my mother says, I'm a pot-stirrer.

Colt said...

-Cougar Town(the sitcom not Provo)
-Gentile Underwear(if this is TMI sorry)
-Not Car Pooling
-Yoko Ono
-Paul McCartney's Crappy Songs
-Russel Crowe being insane
-Judd Apatow Movies
-Seth Rogan

Linds said...

*Charter schools (I'm a firm believer in that schools need to compete in order to do better, and that schools shouldn't be one size fits all)
*Child-free moments (they are few)
*Certain rated R movies. Some rated R movies really should be what now is PG-13 I swear.
*Filing taxes (because we always get money back)
*slap stick comedy

Ashley said...

-Big Love
-Mad Men
-President Obama
-My contentment with only one child, which I don't see changing anytime soon

Rick & Lizzy said...

1. Rated R movies (I never check to see what movies are rated . . . if it looks good I go).
2. Swearing.
3. My husband (he is not a member).
4. Warning TMI: Sex that doesn't lead to procreation.
5. Store bought food for a pot-luck church event.
6. Not having children.
7. Working outside my home.

Just to name a few . . .

laura loo said...

1. playing with my fat. gross but hilarious. I AM SO JIGGLY!

2. cigarette smoke. oh gosh, it reminds me of Vienna.

3. all things gay.

4. studying for finals. i get a sick satisfaction out of it.

5. giving illegal immigrants rights only citizens are supposed to have. or enacting laws to help them become legal. i'm a bad, entitled white child.

6. harry potter midnight premieres. no, i am NOT too old.

7. judge made law. except when I disagree with it, in which case it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL, TAKE IT BACK!

8. eddie izzard. lots of f bombs, but he's HILARIOUS.

9. procrastinating. like i'm doing right now.

Michemily said...

The only one I can think of at the moment to add to your list is chocolate. For some reason it gets bad wrap. But I firmly believe it doesn't belong in the category with all those sugary things because it leaves a nice clean feel in my mouth and I feel happy. :)

Brooke said...

*Finals -- I love the exhilaration, the pressure, even the anxiety
*My in-laws ... who actually enjoys their in-laws?
*I'm also with you on childless evenings alone and I would add Saturday mornings without children because I can sleep in
*The "It's a small world" song
*High School Musical
*Saying damn and hell --particular in places I shouldn't, like Sunday School, Primary, Temple Square, or BYU

Molly said...

Your blog.

Lena said...

I am pretty sure you just said that you watched Vampire Diaries, and I am so happy! I absolutely love that show and I didn't think anyone else even watched it. And I like Damon as well. A lot.

I'd like to use a few of the previous comments to say what I like:

*Child free moments
*Big Love
*Everything Rick and Lizzy said
*Harry Potter midnight premiers (except for the clapping)
*Pro Wrestling
*Bad mouthing members when I know they can't hear me.

JustMe said...

You know I love to leave my point of view - from the other side of the road.

So things I like:
1 - Sarah Palin - because it annoys the hell out of liberals
2 - Sexual Innuendo
3 - Being a happy, happy empty-nester
4 - Say Yes To The Dress
5 - Reading anything & everything just for fun

6 - Cooking when I'm in the mood
7 - Having the same friends for 25 years
8 - Having non-judgemental Mormon friends
9 - My daughter-in-law
10 - Not having to apologize for being anti-social and seldom attending church activities
11 - Flirting with much younger men - FYI - black men usually flirt better
12 - Facebook
13 - Being sealed to my husband after being members for over 30 years.
14 - Sex that doesn't lead to procreation - and knowing that there is NO chance that it will
15 - MCB
16 - Having my s-i-l brag about my chocolate chip cookies and knowing that I am a GREAT mother-in-law
17 - Being a Mormon in the South

Stephanie said...

hahahaha! @ Molly

My need for attention coupled with my tendency to say outrageous things on the internet is a deadly, and addictive, combination.

Angry Carp said...

I can see why someone would support the concept of gay marriage in the public arena, as a way of blessing both individual lives and supporting the "stability of society" -- but to LIKE it? I don't get that. For me it's a little like liking whiskey. I can appreciate the social meaning of a fine old bottle of whiskey. I can understand its place in the culture, and I can revel in the lexicon of drink, the descriptions of flavor and the technology of production, etc., but I wouldn't drink it and I don't even really like the smell of it. Tell me, is that meanness?

Stephanie said...

@Angry Carp

No it isn't mean. Valid point. I just like the weird juxtaposition of something serious (equal rights) with something non-serious (carbs.)

I was also hoping to convey that just like everyone should "like" carbs (delicious!) everyone should "like" the idea of equality. It should be as easy as clicking that annoying little blue button on facebook.

But, I am not always the clever writer I hope to be.

Lady Elaine said...

New here...

-your blog
-my new boobs & new flat tummy
-my gay sister in law because just knowing her opened my eyes to "them gays".
-sneaky drinking w/ my husband on Saturday night.
-hanging out w/ my four kids!
-Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, 16 & pregnant
-signing in under my dogs account so someone from my ward won't see that i'm a big rebel!

Kari said...

The Showtime series Dexter. Liberal politics. Some Eminem songs.

McGee said...

Big Love.

Justin Beiber-don't ask-I watched a Barbara Walters thing and now I'm on the cusp of Beiber fever. What? He's cute.

Being right.

The Realhousewives of Anywhere.

This blog.

McGee said...

Oh. And after reading your other comments...

whiskey. and gays.

:) Couldn't resist.

Colt said...
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Katie said...

-JCrew Wedding Dress Shopping (it's a self-imposed taboo)
-Staying in bed until noon (or later!)
-Jersey Shore (I am truly mortified, but I also recently swore it off. Let's see how long that lasts.)
-Chanel Nail Polish (it's so expensive!)
-My uber-conservative German co-worker. He rants about liberals and progressives, and I allow him to continue even though I disagree with every word he says. He's just awesome. Sometimes those things transcend political views. :)

Me said...

Saw this on Jezebel and thought you might get a kick out of it:

It's BYU Divine Comedy doing a parody of California Gurls, but theirs is Provo UT Gurls.

Meliss said...

Wow. I love your blog. I am sitting here reading old and new posts trying to figure you out...bravo!

Rachael said...

House. He's so mean. I love it. Same with "Lie to Me".

Not going to singles ward FHE - I know, it defeats the purpose, but oh well.

Not going to singles ward relief society meetings. Feels a little too much like playing house. "One day, when I'm married with children, this will all mean so much to me..."

Gay men. The most non-threatening, non-judgmental, easy to get along with men I know. Why is the rest of the male population so homophobic, I would like to ask? Hmmmm - is it the thought that some guy might just rape them one day? What an eye-opener for men, maybe now they can relate to women a little better.

Caffeine. Lots of it.

ChristyLove said...

Husband and I were considering combining our last names into "Ramass." And yes, you would say it just the way it looks like you would.

Kristen Cawley said...

Obama - easy one
Gas Station Nachos
Reality Television
The word "ass": lame-ass, lard-ass, dumb-ass, big-ass, Ramass ;D @Christylove
Black men
Going bra-less