well then.

After offending SAHMS, people with cooking blogs, Mormons, and probably you, I decided to take a breather. Being offensive is really hard work.

No. Seriously, can we be friends again?

Here is an update on my life, because I am fascinating.

1. Spouse-to-the-man (Would I bug people if I started referring to him as THE PROVIDER in an ironic/sarcastic way? Because I apparently made a covenant to do that ((the provider part, not the sarcastic part, anyway,)) NEWS TO ME.*) went out of town for the longest 3 day business trip known to humankind. Longest because apparently, according to weather on the East Coast, 3 days means 6. Okay, New York.

2. Because Spouseman was gone, I had no one to distract me with various Hot-Girls-Solving-Crimes TV show marathons, so I was able to kick major ass as an educator. I mean, I always try, regardless of what Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing, but this week was a show up at work at 6:15 am week.

If anyone told me that some day I would consider 5:45 am "sleeping in" I would have punched you in the face. I want to punch myself in the face.

3. Last night THE PROVIDER MAN OF PROVIDING came home and got me nine kinds of addicted to Criminal Minds. That show is creepy the heck creepy. And also good.

4. My cousin apparently grew up with Crazy SLC Michelle from The Bachelor. Some people have all the damn luck.

What is new with you?

*Said in the comments of a previous post.


Kelly said...

Is that your real photo on the side bar? Your husband needs his binky...

Cynthia said...

I am only watching the Bachelor because of Michelle from SLC - she is way more then crazy.

And I wasn't offended...I was amused.

Stephanie said...

@Kelly. Indeed, it is. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing something criminal when we make out.

Charlotte Condie said...

I think you're fascinating. I have to live vicariously because I chose to end my child-bridehood early with three adopted children and am now paying for it with my time, energy, and mental stability. This week I am juggling wedding announcements, a talk for Sunday, Girl Scout cookie sales, and then potty training a 50lb 3 year old boy.

Reuben said...


Temple covenants are the kind of thing that are OH SO IMPORTANT and binding and the most important thing ever in this life! Until you decide that they're not and then they're just irrelevant.

Stephanie said...


I think sometimes people see their interpretations of covenants as the only interpretation.

I also think people create covenants where they don't exist to justify their own life choices.

Karissa said...

I just found your blog... and I love it. I think we would be Palin-hating feminists who envy people who know crazy Michelle friends if we lived in the same state. But I hate snow so I can't go back.

Thanks for your humor and good sense =)

JustMe said...

Dear MCB - you have not offended me in some time, and I am quite offended by that. Will I have to wait until the presidential elections start to heat up?

New - I get to be a grandmother which is hard to believe for someone as young and hot as me.

I am sewing baby bedding and want to slit my throat - seriously, did we really need to pick 8 different types of material?

Mrs. Clark said...

I sure don't remember that part of the covenant about him providing for me...was the commenter kind of misinterpreting the Proclamation on the Family?

Sarah said...

I'm so offended by this post, it's possible I never speak to you again.

Reuben said...

You calling me ambiguous? I'm just saying.. things are only important covenants if you want them to be important covenants. The idea that Mr. Child Bride presides over you is only an important covenant if it's something you care about. If you don't care (or just plain don't agree), then the covenant is irrelevant and hardly a covenant at all, so then it' pointless for someone to call you out on.

Stephanie said...


I was projecting rage from a comment from another post on to your comment. But I edited my rage out when I understood what you were saying.

@Ms. Clark, yes, I think so.

@Karissa, I hate Palin as much as I love carbs.

@Sarah, I give you a week, tops.

Michemily said...

I think you need to read this:

Camille said...

Criminal Minds is the bomb. Although it's made me afraid of getting stuck in an elevator, seeing a psychiatrist, etc. Basically, dealing with people.

I'd be happy to blacken Michelle's other eye.

Brits said...

I love your blog. You say everything I think, but I'm just not brave enough to say it.

You did not offend me, but I did share your blog on my facebook page, and by doing that I offended two of my friends. Win win.

Sharon said...

I LOVE Criminal Minds. Am I wierd because I am in love with Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid)? Yeah, probably. Also, I think you should refer to your husband as your "Head of Household" from now on.