like those moms who lift up semi-trucks.

To anyone who subscribed to my blog for five minutes, only to promptly unsubscribe once they couldn't find my last post: I think you are awesome. That is totally what I would have done. Hooray voyeurism! Hurray internet!

I think I've found a nicer way to say what I meant, but it involves a cheesy and somewhat untenable metaphor. Can you handle this? I don't think you can handle this.

My last post was a really strong reaction to a nasty comment I got on my suffering post. The line that bugged me was this:

"That article could have been written from a completely different viewpoint. People who focus too much on LDS culture do not understand the deep meanings of the gospel."

****************SWEARS AHEAD SWEARS AHEAD********************************

Shit. Damn. Effing mother of pearl. Nothing drives me more nutty than some self-created cretin of an omniscient who gets on the internet to tell me about my understanding of the gospel. Go to hell. Really? You know about my understanding of the gospel? From one blog post you read after your friend sent you the link? Again, damn. I'm jealous of the omniscient.

***************REPENTENCE OF SWEARS REPENTENCE OF SWEARS COMMENCE READING*****************************************

See. This is the nice version of my post.

I took down the mean version because it seemed unfair to post a nasty reaction to one comment when I have had so many wonderful, kind, and supportive ones. I spent a lot of time thinking about why I let one person bug me. One person who doesn't have the decency to write out their name when commenting on my post.

I've decided that my relationship with my faith is a lot like a parent-child relationship. Sometimes, you kid drives you nuts. Sometimes, you are bugged by your kid so you hire a babysitter to watch it for a few hours. Sometimes you make mistakes with your kid.

But it is still your kid. You still created it, you still love it, and your relationship with your kid brings you closer to the father of your child. My faith is a result of my relationship with God. I'll stop the metaphor there before it gets too blasphemous, but I made this little faith-person and grew it inside of me, and I'm naturally protective of it.

There are lots of mommy-bloggers in the world who only tell funny/amusing/stories about their kids. They do this for a myriad of reasons, but I think sometimes they do that because the more sacred parts of parenthood don't belong on the internet.* They tell the story about a blow-out on an airplane. I tell stories about how I used to pray to marry a spiritually average man so I wouldn't be asked to practice polygamy.

Nobody with a will to live tells a mommy-blogger that because she only blogs about poop she doesn't love her kid. Nobody with a smidgen of integrity should tell someone they don't understand "the gospel" because they only share parts of their relationship with God, or the LDS church on the internet.

Like it's mother, my faith is a little bit special-needs. When other faiths reach benchmarks and achievements with ease, my faith struggles. Sometimes my faith won't look me in the eye. It doesn't always play well with other children.

So it doesn't matter how many people look at your kid and love them despite their snotty noses, or their tantrums. You will always defend your kid against the one jerk who tries to make your kid feel small or insignificant. You will resist the people who try and push your special and unique baby darling into a mold. You will fight the people who try and crush their spirit. You do crazy things for the people you love.

Sometimes you even write really angry blog posts.

*Some people write really beautifully about parenthood. But those people would throw off the groove of my post, so they get an asterisk note. Sorry.



Hi internet.

I had a grumpy post up, but I took it down. I'm all about smiles, posts showing me posing in my clothes and telling you where to shop, and crafting.

I don't know if you can still see the original in your reader, but let's put on our "Act Natural" faces and drink a diet coke in honor of how neurotic the internet makes us sometimes.


guten tag, e world

Goodness, internet, where have I been?

First, thanks to everyone who took time to comment on my Cessation of Suffering post. It was alarming (I am alarmed by vulnerability,) to write that. Learning that what I send out into the internetverse will be met with kindness makes my cold dark heart melt a little bit.

Secondly, I don't have a ton to say beyond the usual "Republicans are Gross!" and "Patriarchy is bad!" grumblings, so I'm going to keep this update short.

Additional reasons for short blog post:

1. I'm in San Diego right now.

2. I'm using my sister's laptop and she will be displeased if I monopolize it much longer.

The End.