Hi internet.

I had a grumpy post up, but I took it down. I'm all about smiles, posts showing me posing in my clothes and telling you where to shop, and crafting.

I don't know if you can still see the original in your reader, but let's put on our "Act Natural" faces and drink a diet coke in honor of how neurotic the internet makes us sometimes.


Nicole said...

I'm sad I missed it. If I ask super nicely will you email it to me?

MJ said...

you must have been pretty quick about taking it down, because nothing showed up in my reader.

i understand how you're feeling, though. i've been wanting to tell off the world lately, too.

McGee said...

I like grumpy posts. There are only so many happy posts I can handle before I wonder if I'm the only one not always happy.

Just sayin.

And dang it. It's not in my feed so I can't sneak a peak there.

Now IM grumpy.

Carley A. T. said...

We should grab lunch sometime, so you can tell me all about your grumpy post. Whenever.

Mom said...

*snicker* Are you sure you're not the author of "Seriously, So Blessed"?

Ru said...

It happens. (PS, I can't see anything in my reader, so I think you're golden.)

sarah said...

oh man.

i can totally relate to this.

i cannot tell you how many times my boyfriend says, "i think that will be a post you'll wish you hadn't written..."

whoops. :) it happens!

amanda said...

I missed it! Darn. I'm always up for some pessimistic ranting.

Maren said...

OH my heck, you are making me laugh so much! I love that you swore, even tho I shouldn't, but i swear too, even tho I'm supposed to stop, and I am always happy to meet (or comment on, as the case may be) a fellow swearer. I'm sorry someone was dumb on your blog. I hate that.