guten tag, e world

Goodness, internet, where have I been?

First, thanks to everyone who took time to comment on my Cessation of Suffering post. It was alarming (I am alarmed by vulnerability,) to write that. Learning that what I send out into the internetverse will be met with kindness makes my cold dark heart melt a little bit.

Secondly, I don't have a ton to say beyond the usual "Republicans are Gross!" and "Patriarchy is bad!" grumblings, so I'm going to keep this update short.

Additional reasons for short blog post:

1. I'm in San Diego right now.

2. I'm using my sister's laptop and she will be displeased if I monopolize it much longer.

The End.


Ashley said...

Welcome to San Diego! (Isn't it great? I'm a relative newcomer, myself. How fun to have the MCB so close!) I did not comment on your suffering post, but I'll say now that I thought it was beautiful, and an obviously well thought out, heavily pondered piece of writing. I think I'll bookmark it.

mommy dearest said...

Oh fear the displeasure of Grace.

NIKOL said...

I, too, am in San Diego. It's America's Finest City, you know. For reals. Too bad it's supposed to start raining tomorrow.

FYI, there's a Sprinkles Cupcake store across the freeway from the San Diego Temple. Both divine, but for very different reasons.