Today is my Dad's birthday. He does not read my blog, unless I am there to "get on the internet thing" and show him "how the hell to go down the page." Occassionally, he has his secretary email me with a request to print out my blog posts for him to read. "The good ones, not the crap."

So Dad, if you ever read this, Happy Birthday. Thank you for teaching me to mistrust Republicans, hate hotel art, keep an extra pair of fleece pants in the back of my car, (in case I need to go on a walk!) love God, and serve others.

After all that, teaching me to swear like a sailor with tourettes is just a bonus.

I'm your girl,



Colt said...

Good work MCB-Dad you succeeded in teaching your child to not trust Republicans avoiding my greatest fear in life...raising a Republican.

geoffsn said...

Awesome post. What a great world we'd have if all dads did the same.

MJ said...

LOL. Awesome. Happy birthday, MCB's dad.

Maren said...

So funny!:) My dad calls me and asks me to read him the funny ones:) And my MIL just said, "oh honey, I'll just never understand all that website internet stuff, why don't you just tell me what you said?" Then, she asked when I found time to do my ironing....:)

lindsey said...

This is a non-annoying adorable way.

Melody said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh! :)

And Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Annalise said...

Long time lurker-just had to say how sweet this is :)