SLC Art Festival

Pros: Art

Cons: Humanity

Conclusion: Such a shame one cannot exist without the other.


geoffsn said...

People are the worst.

Esther said...

I went one year. Never again. That year even the art was a con. . . in more ways than one: Bad art, and over-priced.
Started following your blog when your post about the bachelorette guy went viral on facebook. I didn't, and don't plan to stop following it. I enjoy reading your point of view. You can check out my blog. I hardly ever update it, and it doesn't have a theme. Just random thoughts/stuff in my life. Or don't read it. I won't be offended.

Andrea Staats said...

I love humanity, hate people.

meagan said...

Ick. So true. We went on Friday afternoon and I'm STILL showering.

Julie said...

Haha... this makes me laugh. Only because I know that is SO you.

I remember the first few weeks in London we used to freak out because you'd just wander off on us. Then we realized: that's just what Steph does ( :

cristie said...

my sentiment exactly. xox