I'm sharing a link to a podcast I did a few months ago with Mormon Expression:

The Delightful Ball of Feminist Fury, Stephanie Child Bride

I talk about blogging, reality TV, my kid, Gay Marriage and most importantly (for me, anyways) my faith journey. I listened to it last night, and it was like meeting myself for the first time. Mostly, I listened and thought "I did that. I survived all that."

Talking and writing about my faith has been incredibly hard, but immensely rewarding. Thanks to everyone who has walked this path with me, from Spouseman, to my mom, to random internet strangers, I've felt your love and support and it means the world.

Now go listen to me talk for an hour and a half. You know, if you want.


an individual already

A Newborn Girl at Passover
by Nan Cohen
Consider one apricot in a basket of them.
It is very much like all the other apricots--
an individual already, skin and seed.

Now think of this day.  One you will probably forget.
The next breath you take, a long drink of air.
Holiday or not, it doesn't matter.

A child is born and doesn't know what day it is.
The particular joy in my heart she cannot imagine.
The taste of apricots is in store for her.

She's almost here, (7 weeks is not a long time, in the mind of a pregnant woman.) When I worry about all the sadness she will inevitably feel, all the horrible, non-apricot things she will encounter, I like to remember all the wonderful things in store for her. She is an individual already, but I hope she someday enjoys the following things:

The first time she reads something so wonderful and beautiful, that it makes her cry. I hope she has a book or a poem that she can barely stand to share with someone else because it causes a throat lump and a scratchy voice.

The first warm day after a long winter.

The feeling of accomplishment after working hard for a goal.

The moment she realizes she has found the person she will love forever, and the knowledge that this person loves her back.

Really good cheese.

Sleeping in on Saturday.

Making out.

The first day of school (please bless that this child loves school.)

The last day of school (please bless that this child is sensible enough to realize the importance of summer.)

Sour candy.


Tag at recess.

I keep hoping this is enough, in some small way, to make up for the things that keep me up at night. Unfairness, inequality, misunderstandings, mean people. I’m hoping her apricot moments are enough.


Television! (No Delete Monday) form.

I love television. I love all kinds of television. A list of what I am watching, what I am simply reading recaps of, and what I no longer watch but make other people watch so they can keep me apprised of goings on.

I Watch This

First, we should all understand that anything with the words "Fairy-Tale Adaptation" is like crack to me. Like crack, there are different types and degrees of quality, but I will partake and become addicted to ALL of them. Fairy-tale adaptations in the form of YA Literature? Yes please, let me expose my vein (Um, people shoot up with crack right? I know very little about drugs, despite being a DARE graduate.) Fairy-tale adaptations in movie form, especially terrible movie form? (See Little Red Riding Hood, and all of the "Snow White" movies coming out.) YES. Fairy-tales on TV where I can hulu them at my own convenience? HELL TO THE YES PLEASE. Suffice it to say I am watching Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

I think I like Grimm better. The acting is better, the story lines are more complex, and it is significantly darker. I does lack a little of that human relationship factor, but I'm cold and heartless so the minimal interaction between the protagonist (another thing about TV, I never learn the character names,) and his girlfriend/fiancee doesn't really bug me. I think the friendship between the protagonist (hereafter known as Cop Dude) and Wolf Guy is funny and endearing. I love bromances.

Once Upon a Time is good though, as well, although heavy on the human relationship factor, sort of light on plot (other than comparing/contrasting the traditional and modern versions of fairy-tales,) and probably isn't angsty enough for me. (Excuse me whilst I reapply my eyeliner, and push my dyed black bangs off my face.) If anything Once is a really pretty show, which appeals to those of us lacking in the human relationship department, and heavy in the ohhh look at the shiny thing department.

I also Watch

Downton Abbey: Because I am a white, female, former History Major and English Minor. Of course I watch and enjoy this. I also take quizzes online to determine which Jane Austen Character I am (formerly a Marianne from Sense and Sensibility, now Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice.) I have engaged in heated debates over which film adaptation of Emma is better, and think Heathcliff is a dick. I'm a cliche, and fine with it. It doesn't hurt that Downton is a well-written and beautifully curated soap opera. It is funny how untrashy one feels watching a soap when everyone keeps their clothes on. Most of the time.

Side- note and sort of spoiler: William is adorable. I'm glad he's dead. I'm awful.

Vampire Diaries: It is funny how wonderfully trashy one feels watching a soap where nobody keeps their clothes on, and people are brutally murdered with no hint of consequence. I will love this show until I die, because it is the TV equivalent of a pop-tart. Pop-tarts are bad for you, but they make you feel so good. Also, Team Damon. If you insist on linking yourself with a morally deficient undead hottie, it might as well be the funny one. Chillax, Stefan.

Modern Family: Although, can I be honest, I'm questioning my devotion. I know.

How I Met Your Mother: Legen.....dary.

I Don't Watch This Anymore: But I read the Recaps Sometimes

The Bachelor:Meh. They will ride Helicopters. Someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend back home. After a few promising moments of scandal, the show will be mind-numbingly dull as a bunch of sort-of pretty people talk about "being open" and "here for the right reasons." Unless there is a huge douchebag that I can write about, who will help my blog accidentally skyrocket into quasi-fame, I have no interest. (PS: Thank you Bentley. I bought beautiful fabric with the ad money I made from writing about you. You are still a huge douchenozzle.)

Gossip Girl:  When the recaps are more entertaining than the show, you have a problem.

I Make Other People Watch This, and then Tell Me What Happened

Grey's Anatomy: I stopped when the hospital kept getting shot up/bombed/attacked and everyone kept going on as if nothing had happened. I mean, yes, they had PTSD for two episodes, until it happened again. Also, I am tired of Derek and Meredith being together or not together. PICK ANOTHER PLOT LINE TO MAINTAIN INTEREST, people! Sheesh. Also, I don't like it when non-themed shows try and get themes, like singing. That said, I like to be kept abreast of what is happening, every two months. Abreast. Bahahaha.

Actually, I haven't been updated on this show in a few weeks. What is going on?

I Hate This Show so Effing Much

Glee. I can't even.

Anyway, That is what I watch, sort of. What do you watch? Am I missing out on something fantastic? Is there yet another fairy-tale adaptation show I do not know about? Have you ever been as invested in another person's reproductive equipment as you are Matthew Crowley's? How bad do you hate Glee?