Television! (No Delete Monday) form.

I love television. I love all kinds of television. A list of what I am watching, what I am simply reading recaps of, and what I no longer watch but make other people watch so they can keep me apprised of goings on.

I Watch This

First, we should all understand that anything with the words "Fairy-Tale Adaptation" is like crack to me. Like crack, there are different types and degrees of quality, but I will partake and become addicted to ALL of them. Fairy-tale adaptations in the form of YA Literature? Yes please, let me expose my vein (Um, people shoot up with crack right? I know very little about drugs, despite being a DARE graduate.) Fairy-tale adaptations in movie form, especially terrible movie form? (See Little Red Riding Hood, and all of the "Snow White" movies coming out.) YES. Fairy-tales on TV where I can hulu them at my own convenience? HELL TO THE YES PLEASE. Suffice it to say I am watching Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

I think I like Grimm better. The acting is better, the story lines are more complex, and it is significantly darker. I does lack a little of that human relationship factor, but I'm cold and heartless so the minimal interaction between the protagonist (another thing about TV, I never learn the character names,) and his girlfriend/fiancee doesn't really bug me. I think the friendship between the protagonist (hereafter known as Cop Dude) and Wolf Guy is funny and endearing. I love bromances.

Once Upon a Time is good though, as well, although heavy on the human relationship factor, sort of light on plot (other than comparing/contrasting the traditional and modern versions of fairy-tales,) and probably isn't angsty enough for me. (Excuse me whilst I reapply my eyeliner, and push my dyed black bangs off my face.) If anything Once is a really pretty show, which appeals to those of us lacking in the human relationship department, and heavy in the ohhh look at the shiny thing department.

I also Watch

Downton Abbey: Because I am a white, female, former History Major and English Minor. Of course I watch and enjoy this. I also take quizzes online to determine which Jane Austen Character I am (formerly a Marianne from Sense and Sensibility, now Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice.) I have engaged in heated debates over which film adaptation of Emma is better, and think Heathcliff is a dick. I'm a cliche, and fine with it. It doesn't hurt that Downton is a well-written and beautifully curated soap opera. It is funny how untrashy one feels watching a soap when everyone keeps their clothes on. Most of the time.

Side- note and sort of spoiler: William is adorable. I'm glad he's dead. I'm awful.

Vampire Diaries: It is funny how wonderfully trashy one feels watching a soap where nobody keeps their clothes on, and people are brutally murdered with no hint of consequence. I will love this show until I die, because it is the TV equivalent of a pop-tart. Pop-tarts are bad for you, but they make you feel so good. Also, Team Damon. If you insist on linking yourself with a morally deficient undead hottie, it might as well be the funny one. Chillax, Stefan.

Modern Family: Although, can I be honest, I'm questioning my devotion. I know.

How I Met Your Mother: Legen.....dary.

I Don't Watch This Anymore: But I read the Recaps Sometimes

The Bachelor:Meh. They will ride Helicopters. Someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend back home. After a few promising moments of scandal, the show will be mind-numbingly dull as a bunch of sort-of pretty people talk about "being open" and "here for the right reasons." Unless there is a huge douchebag that I can write about, who will help my blog accidentally skyrocket into quasi-fame, I have no interest. (PS: Thank you Bentley. I bought beautiful fabric with the ad money I made from writing about you. You are still a huge douchenozzle.)

Gossip Girl:  When the recaps are more entertaining than the show, you have a problem.

I Make Other People Watch This, and then Tell Me What Happened

Grey's Anatomy: I stopped when the hospital kept getting shot up/bombed/attacked and everyone kept going on as if nothing had happened. I mean, yes, they had PTSD for two episodes, until it happened again. Also, I am tired of Derek and Meredith being together or not together. PICK ANOTHER PLOT LINE TO MAINTAIN INTEREST, people! Sheesh. Also, I don't like it when non-themed shows try and get themes, like singing. That said, I like to be kept abreast of what is happening, every two months. Abreast. Bahahaha.

Actually, I haven't been updated on this show in a few weeks. What is going on?

I Hate This Show so Effing Much

Glee. I can't even.

Anyway, That is what I watch, sort of. What do you watch? Am I missing out on something fantastic? Is there yet another fairy-tale adaptation show I do not know about? Have you ever been as invested in another person's reproductive equipment as you are Matthew Crowley's? How bad do you hate Glee?


Hilary said...

Love Downton Abbey... tried to find a way to watch the last 2 episodes on Brit tv online, but couldn't because my IP wasn't British :(
Parks and Rec is pretty funny, along with Up All Night (Will Arnett, Christina Applegate, and Maya Rudolph make for a great trio).
I get my dose of reality tv through The Biggest Loser. The drama drives me nuts though, I know the producers put their own spin on things so what we see may not be entirely accurate, but it still drives me nuts.
Oh, and I love Parenthood! Maybe because I miss Gilmore Girls and love Lauren Graham... maybe because it seems to paint a decently accurate picture of a normal dysfunctional family.
I used to watch Glee, but it's just gone downhill.... I still have a Glee station on Pandora, because the songs are fun, but the stories are crap.

Valery said...

Oh my gosh, every time I read one of your posts I think to myself- how are we not friends IRL. And I'm only semi-joking.

You should check out Revenge- it has so much biting wit, I love it. And maybe check out the Grey's Anatomy alternate reality episode- it's the only one I've watched in awhile.

Brianna said...

ohmygoodness Fairy tale shows are my favoriteeee! Grim & Once Upon A Time yes please. andddd I'm def going to see both Snow Whites coming out. I think I had to have been deprived as a child or something of my disney princess movies...
And Vampire Diaries!!!! OBSESSED. Damon too. love love LOVE.
I think I've missed the past 2 seasons of Gossip Girl... I've lost track and although every once and awhile I think hmmm maybe I should get caught up... I.just.can'
Glee has gone down hill and it's ridiculous.

LovelyLauren said...

Fairy tale adaptations make me swoon. I even managed to get through that awful Catherine Hardwicke adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. I should have just muted it, because it was awfully pretty, even if the dialogue made me want to stab my eye with a fork.

So yes, I watch Once Upon a Time, but not Grimm because I am not good at watching very many shows at once. I take them Marathon style on Netflix. I adore Buffy and am waiting for Season 5 to come so I can get my Gossip Girl on.

I watched Glee, but lost interest. Right now I am burning through Scrubs, which is great because I don't have the energy for a high plot show right now. I also loved Battlestar Galactica.

Crystal said...

:( I don't hate Glee, at all. In fact I love it. But I also love every musical known to man and I sing at the top of my lungs right along with the characters. :)

I am completely devoted and dedicated to Sons of Anarchy and am anxiously, impatiently waiting for the return of my favorite badass characters.

I've only heard wonderful things about Downtown Abbey, but I just don't think I will love it like everyone says I will, so I don't waste my time.

I miss The Playboy Club with a passion. Some Christian coalition got their panties in a twist and fought to have it removed from being aired at 10 o'clock at night. It was actually decent and there was no nudity and I'm pretty sure I've seen more naked bodies writhing around on Grey's than I ever did on PbC.

Love Grey's, I'll happily give you a recap if you want.

The McBrides said...

cotton candy for you mind musts: Army Wives, Friday Night Lights, Desperate Housewives, Secret Life of An American Teenager (start watching this one while you are up feeding your baby all night, hook line and sinker- but only when you are extremely sleep deprived- watching it in broad daylight it just plain embarassing.)

Stephanie said...

@Hilary, I love Parenthood too, but I have to watch it in segments, or it gets to be "too much" for me. I start getting really worried about the characters.

@Valery: Is everyone dead in the alternate-reality episode? I'd like that. Just kidding.

I am checking out Revenge as we type.

@Brianna: is it bad that I think the Kristin Stewart Snow White looks better? How can that be?

@Lovely Lauren: I freaking love Scrubs. I'm convinced that HIMYM is the non-medical version of Scrubs. They must share writers. JD and Turk= the ultimate bromance.

@Crystal: YES. The Playboy Club WAS sort of good. R.I.P. I loved all the plotlines, remember that lesbian who was fake married? I INVESTED IN THAT SHOW.

I feel like I just made so many friends. Who needs a book club?

Stephanie said...

@ MymcBride: Loved Friday Night Lights. Good idea about Secret Life. I'm excited to have an excuse to watch.

Also @ Crystal again: RECAP RECAP

Maggie said...

Per request, this season on Grey's (btw, my crack - I even watch Private Practice even though it's AWFUL): Meredith and Derek adopted a baby from Africa, Kristina and Owen are fighting because he tricked her into operating on Teddy's husband who died in the surgery and of coarse he's still mad about the abortion.

And I do really like Up All Night and Parks and Rec - Leslie Knope is my hero.

Ryan said...

I've recently become addicted to Mad Men thanks to your sister despite the fact she doesn't even watch it. Also, 30 rock (forever and always since Liz Lemon loves food more than human interaction), Breaking Bad, and Law and Order: SVU.

Melody said...

AND Alex is still a douche; he is training to be a pediatrician with Arizona. Lexie and Avery broke up because Avery discovered that Lexie still likes Mark. Mark is with a woman doctor from another hospital. Bailey has dropped the nurse but is back with the anesthesiologist. Owen is the
Chief of Surgery. Adelle (Chief Webber's wife) has alzheimers. Callie and Arizona are still together and have a little girl. April is Chief Resident. Avery is training to be a plastic surgeon with Mark. Christina and Owen are having marital problems.

Joni said...

Once Upon a Time is the most frustrating show I've ever been able to not turn away from in my life. It's like the Dundees. Except my boss isn't making me watch, my great love of really pretty costumes is. Also, it's such a fantastic idea but their execution is garbage. And the kid drives me crazy and the evil witch isn't nearly badass enough. But WHO is this crazy new guy?!!

Also, I'm obsessed with Castle. Because everyone needs some Nathan Fillion in their life and the show is so well written. And I may or may not want to be Beckett if I get another life. (Minus the whole "tragic past" part, I suppose, but definitely with her hair and ability to break down doors in three inch heels.)

And because I can't get enough of British Television no matter what I do, Merlin and Sherlock are also on my list. Merlin just finished S4 in Britain and it was great. I was pleased with the way they handled the Lancelot/Guinevere/Arthur stuff, mainly because I've always thought Lancelot was an obnoxious pansy and had issues with the "Guinevere was the kindest, most beautiful, most generous whore Camelot ever had as queen. . . " thing. And Sherlock is just SMART.

This is far too long. I, apparently, think far too much about television. . .

Hillary said...

Revenge, The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory, The Secret Circle (acting/writing is lame, but it's still addicting), Supernatural (funny and the guys are hot), and Bones. Damn, I watch a lot of TV. Oh and have been watching House of Lies and Dexter on Showtime. Edgy, dark, and risque. Just how I like my TV.

Aunt Spicy said...

for the past five months I have had no tv. no cable. no netflix. all I have is what I can buy on itunes. so it is an interesting case study of oneself to see what you are willing to pay for and what you are not.

willing to pay for: Downtown Abby, Community, Hart of Dixie (reminds me of the Gilmore Girls), the last two episodes of Project Runway

not willing to pay for: the bachelor, gossip girl (maybe the last show of the season to get caught up), the office, glee

in two years I will have absolutely no idea what anyone is talking about when it comes to tv..I just had to go look up Grimm and Once upon a Time...sigh.

Donna Bardsley said...

OK, not living in the US currently, so am way out of the loop with American TV, but I religiously illegally download 30 Rock and Community every week. Also, thank goodness for The Colbert Report and The Daily Show for streaming all over the world-- I would go crazy without them.

But seriously, I don't know how it is that everyone doesn't love 30 Rock and worship at the altar of Tina Fey, unless they just hate things like laughter and incredibly good humor.

(And ditto about Greys. Seriously.)

MamaBear said...

i have children. i don't watch TV regularly. i check TLC, HGTV, and the Food Network if i have time and opportunity to watch. History Channel if none of those appeal. then i give the remote back to the kids.

having only one television in combination with children ends your TV habit. 14.5 years later, i'm ok with that.

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

Love Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time. Also, surprisingly, losing interest in Modern Family. I think it's because my husband and I usually watch it together and he has been too busy lately so I haven't watched in a while. I love Parenthood and Revenge. I also love Castle on Monday nights. It's one of those murder type shows but comedic. I enjoy it. But if you're a die hard murder show fan (my husband)... and love shows like criminal minds and all the real documentary stuff than you might not like it. I also think Suburgatory is hilarious. You should definitely check it out. It's about a NYC dad and daughter who move to the suburbs and are completely freaked out by it all. I also despise Glee. I absolutely HATE it. And, I'm glad William is dead. Now I just want Daisy to take the widow money and get over it all.

Aubrey said...

I watch everything on DVD, so I am always like 3 years behind on what is happening on television. I'll be all like "whoah, the first season of Mad Men was AMAhZing, let's talk about it" and everyone else will be like "yeah we know, we watched it 4 years ago when it was on. We're in to Revenge now". But seriously you guys, I'm convinced Peggy was pregnant and not fat. Can't wait for season 2.

Ru said...

Matthew's junk! I just want it to recover so bad.

That is all.

Ru said...

PS: "Matthew Crawley's Junk" may be the best band name ever.

S.A.R. said...

Oh man! SO much to say! Can I keep it all straight in my brain? Only time will tell.

I detest Glee. I watched part of the first season on Netflix and found myself fast forwarding the musical numbers, and then I realized, that's like fast forwarding the point of the show, and everything in between just bored me.

I am heavily invested in Matthew Crawley's ability to procreate. I really am.

I don't watch Vampire Diaries but I'm saving all seasons of that show for the day I have to get my tonsils or appendix out and am bed-ridden for days on end and need something to numb the pain.

Dislike Once Upon A Time, LOVE Grimm, for exactly the same reasons you do, but mainly because of the Wolf-man bromance. Have you seen the Wolf-man guy on Prison Break? This actor is a precious gem who needs serious air time.

Every time I watch the Bachelor, my IQ goes down 3 points, but I just. Can't. Stop.

Man I miss you so much. I refuse to leave this mortal sphere until I've gone fabric shopping with you.

That is the end.

Nemesis said...

I am telling you and I am telling everyone: Parks & Rec. Season 1 was short and not the best, so start with the season finale and then head on in to season 2.

You will love it, and then we can quote Ron Swanson to each other.

Also? On this show, the librarians are all evil sex maniacs. I love it.

Crystal said...

Probably one of the most important parts is that because Adele had alzheimer's, Meredith switched the blind research testing she and Derek were working on in favor of Adele. She made sure she had the actual drug and not the placebo. Alex ratted on her and Meredith, causing the complete study to be shut down. This also caused the aforementioned adoption of Zola (the baby from Africa) to take a little deter. But all is well, Meredith is still indecisive about what she wants to specialize in, BUT they have a little African baby. :)

Jessica said...

Not a glee lover. I saw the season finale for season 1 on an airplane and kind of liked it so I started watching it on Hulu. But half-way through I got bored. There was just so. much. singing.

I do like Parenthood. My hubby lost interest when it got super drama, but I still watch.

NIKOL said...

I was very devoted to Glee for the first half of the first season. Now my hatred glows with the fire of a thousand suns.

I watch an assortment of sitcoms. I also watch Alcatraz, and will most likely watch The Voice. Excited for The Walking Dead to come back. Sad that American Horror Story is gone for now. I enjoy spooky shows.

Mormon Spinster said...

Ah, TV. A subject near and dear to my heart.

Allow me to second:
Downton: Oh, how much I love this show. And I was wondering about Matthew's little soldier before the doctor even mentioned it. (Get better, little soldier!) And I want someone to drop a house on O'Brian.
Grimm and Once Upon a Time: It's like dark and milk chocolate. Both are yummy in their own way. Though my first thought at the opening of this week's ep of Grimm was, "Hey! They already did Hansel and Gretel....oh. Never mind."
HIMYM: Though I must admit I am ready to actually, you know, meet the mother. And she better be wicked awesome.
The Big Bang Theory: Leonard and Sheldon in the ball pit is hilarious. Every. Single. Time.

Might I suggest:
Hawaii 5-0: Am I really the only one who adores this pineapple-flavored slice of beefcake every week? It will not make you a better person or teach you anything, but it is pretty. (Why doesn't Danny love me? Why?)
USA has a lot of great original shows like Suits, Necessary Roughness, and Covert Affairs. (Hmm. They all have hot men on them. I'm detecting a pattern.)
Warehouse 13: Pete and Myka are adorkable.

What I miss:
Doctor 10 and Donna.

What I need:

A life.

Mary said...

Love Downton Abbey, Vampire Diaries, Grimm, and Once Upon a Time. I also love Glee. I hope we can still be internet friends. Oh! I am totally team Damon. Way hotter and funnier. And I'm almost 33. I feel weird.

lifeofdi said...

I will second whoever said The Good Wife. Just finished season three of Misfits (sex, drugs, language warning), a British show with amazing writing despite the implausible premise.

I keep watching Glee in the hope that it will recapture how good the first half of the first season was and now every episode I watch makes me wonder why I'm still watching.

I also can't help but love Make It or Break It and ANTM.

Mrs. Clark said...

Downton Abbey. Mad Men. And Breaking Bad is absolutely awesome, but has its gory moments and occasionally a little TMI with the sex (though the participants are married). But the writing is fantastic, and watching the two main characters descend further into crime is fascinating. Watch on Netflix Streaming.

I like both Grimm and Once Upon a Time, though I don't see how OUAT is going to sustain itself for long. I just hope they wrap up the story before it's cancelled, like they DIDN'T do with Brothers and Sisters.

Grey's Anatomy somehow jumped the shark for me, though I can't pinpoint when. But I will check out that alternative choices episode.

Biggest Loser--yes, but tune in later just before the weigh-in. The Bachelor--no, no, no. What a bunch of airheads and mean girls. I don't bother with most "reality" shows.

Maggie said...

Oh my goodness so many plot lines, how DO we keep track of them all? Thank you all for filling in the gaping holes in my update.

And might I add that I am very glad that the great war is over so that we can hopefully get a few more flavors of man candy at Downton Abbey. Bates is sweet and all but I've a hankering for someone with a bit less baggage and perhaps a bit more verile - poor Matthew!

AzĂșcar said...

I'm going to 3rd The Good Wife for you, Steph, because YOU NEED TO GET ON THAT.

And like Evil Librarian Stephanie, I suggest Parks and Rec (just slog through the dismal first 6 episodes.) That show becomes cheerful, sweet, genuine, and very, very funny.

Revenge is way better than it should be. Modern Family is slipping. Glee is a trainwreck. Happy Endings is about to hit its stride, and The New Girl is worth watching for Schmidt.

No one has mentioned Suits, which is a summer USA show, but it's worth tracking down online, if you can.

(Like I wouldn't be.)

AzĂșcar said...



New Sherlock!

Southland. said...

I'm totally into Revenge this season. It has Madeleine Stowe and every time she comes on screen I start quoting from the movie "Last of the Mohicans." You'd think that would distract me from the t.v. show, but it doesn't.
I also love Project Runway because I have a small infatuation with Tim Gunn. Plus after I watch it I pretend I know how to sew. (I have a rich fantasy life.) We don't have cable (a sad fact of life I cry over every single day) but I watch it on line or check out the different seasons from the library.
The show I miss the most? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Every year I ask for the series on DVD and every year I am denied. Life is cruel.

ChristyLove said...

Fringe, Private Practice (worst show to be addicted to as a pregnant lady, lemme tell you), True Blood, Grey's Anatomy STILL, Damages, How I Met Your Mother, and I now own all of Gilmore Girls because

*MCB's pet peeve warning*

My Husband's the best in the world.

Mike & Wren said...

I LOVE the shows you love!! I read your post mentioning Bones and love that one too! Here's some that I watch you may like too.

True Blood (total vamp, sex, murder, hotness)
GCB (hilarious if you can appreciate big hair and Texas references)
The Glades (A&E, crime, drama, a lil romance, snarky dialogue)
Scandal (ABC, very interesting if you like Political conspiracy within the US govt)

I'm a DVR queen. I usually devote one day a week to veg out and catch up on my shows. is a great resource too for trashy drama catch up! Will be following your blog now!!