I carry them in my heart

I'm aware this is an unusual move for me, posting photos more than once a year, but please grant this new Mom a few weeks of mushiness in between more serious posts.

My friend Aubrey took this photo of Clara and Spouseman last week. Clara is about three and a half weeks old here, and no longer has an ear because her Dad has since gnawed it off. Kidding, of course, but watching him interact with our kid warms the big gaping hole where my cold cynical heart used to live.

Now everyone go procreate! I mean, if you want to. This isn't church and I'm not a Priesthood holder, so I guess I have no place telling you what to do with your body. Ohh, there's that cynicism again, even Clara can't cure it completely.

She comes awfully close though.


Andrea said...

The frost on my heart thaws a little when pictures of yawning babies are involved.

Sarah said...

I had a cold heart before I had my child. Now I find myself crying during commercials like I never had before. I also stopped rolling my eyes when certain people speak. My "Grinch" heart grew too.

MJ said...

Working on my 3rd! :) Clara is adorable, and like you, I LOVE watching the interactions between my boys and their dad. Seriously, there's nothing sexier than watching as my husband changes a diaper, baby on his lap, wearing his Sunday clothes. LOVE it.

lifeofdi said...

I am not usually a person who ooohs and aaaahs over babies. I do not think every baby is cute, but good lord, Clara is adorable.

Mrs. Clark said...

She is just precious! Hope you are doing well and loving this time!