better late than pregnant, I always say

Because my baby ate my brain, I forgot to announce that I will be one of the Community Speakers at the Mormon Stories Conference this weekend. There are some awesome speakers and musical numbers lined up, including Jana Riess and Peter Breinholt. Oh hell, I am copying and pasting the whole darn thing here. To register and see more info, click HERE. Hope to see you there.

FRIDAY, June 15th
6:00 – 10:00 p.m. POTLUCK SOCIAL 
Wheeler Farm

6351 S 900 East, Salt Lake City

Subway sandwiches, tableware, chips and drinks will be provided. If you’re not from out of town, bring a side dish or dessert to share. If you’ve traveled a long way or can’t find the time to cook, just come!
Suggested Donation: $3/person or $7/family
Please bring your donation to the event. All are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

SATURDAY, June 16th
Wasatch Presbyterian Church
1626 S 1700 East, Salt Lake City
Standard Price: 37.00
  • Registrants may pay less or more, depending on ability to pay. Free admissions available. All are welcome regardless. See registration section below for details.
  • In thanks, FREE admissions to ALL Mormon Stories conferences will be gifted to pledge-level members.  See registration section below for details.
11:00 a.m. ART SHOW & RECEPTION – Mix and Mingle

12:00-1:30 p.m. FIRST SESSION 
Conducting: Katrina Anderson
Non-traditional Prayer: Christy Sadira
Musical Number: Peter Breinholt – Jerusalem
Keynote Speaker: Jana Riess
Keynote Speaker: Andrew Ainsworth
Musical Number: Peter Breinholt – Songs About the Great Divide
1:30 – 2:00 p.m. BREAK/MINGLE/ART SHOW
2:00 – 3:30 p.m. SECOND SESSION 
Conducting: Teri Whittenburg
Musical Number: Kate Pearson – Every Step
Keynote Speaker: Claudia Bushman – No More Strangers
Musical Number: Tia and Keith Callister – Not Waiting
Community Speaker: Michael Fife
Community Speaker: Stephanie Lauritzen
Premier screening of an original dance about the emotions of his gay Mormon coming out experience: Benji Schwimmer*
*Benji will no longer be speaking because his film producer unexpectedly demanded that he be on the set Saturday afternoon.
3:30 – 4:00 p.m. BREAK/MINGLE/ART SHOW
4:00 – 5:15 p.m. STORY SHARING MEETING
Conducting: Chelsea Fife
Musical Number: Greg Rockwell – If This Is The Way It Is
-Story Sharing-
Congregational Hymn: Come Thou Fount
Accompanists: Greg Rockwell, Tia Callister
Traditional Prayer: Adam Jacobsen
Mormon Stories Story Sharing Meetings are conducted in the tradition of Mormon testimony meetings. The microphone is open for all attendees to share their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Those who currently identify with the Mormon faith tradition, those who identified with it in the past and all others are encouraged to share regardless of level of belief or activity.

Sunday, June 17th
8:45 a. m. – Meet at just east of the Tabernacle on Temple Square for Music and the Spoken Word.
Summer broadcasts will be held in the Conference Center.


MJ said...

I wish I could be there! If you wanted to record your part and post it, I would watch!

Breanne said...

Wow this is awesome, way to go.

Michelle Glauser said...

I really hope you'll publish your notes or whatever.

kdstentzel said...

Aw, dammit, I'm out of town this weekend! I ditto the other requests for notes or video or thoughts or whatever about the conference.

Tiffany said...

I'm so excited to hear you speak as well as the other awesome people!!

Daedree said...

Please, please publish your talk! It was incredible.

Gretta Whalen said...

I love that you're part of the Mormon Stories communities. John Dehlin is a cousin of mine! That, and the discussion forums have done good things for my family, my friends, and me. Thanks for doing what you do.

myrtlejoy said...

I went to the conference, and heard you speak. You made me cry. And laugh. And fall in love with you. (I'm happily married, and not gay, but I still find you to be irrisistable!) Thank you so much for sharing your perspective with me, and about 200 other people. Who also fell in love with you. I have one request: can you raise your friend quota just a teensy bit for me? Even if we're just pretend cyber-friends, that will be enough for me! Actually, I have one more request. Will you please post a copy of your talk? I want to share it with my husband.

Stephanie said...

@myrtlejoy, Thanks for talking to me at the conference, it was great to meet you!