No delete Thursday

Things have been so anxiety-angsty lately and it has got to stop. Thus, no-delete-Thursday.

I realized something when I was thinking about the ol' blog. Gerd. I hate that I just called it the ol' blog. What is the matter with me? That is horrible. And yet, my dedication to my craft remains unwavering.

Anyway, I was thinking "maybe I can just post a bunch of happy pictures on here for a while." And then I was like, "no, you make fun of people who do that, because it is super narcissistic, (especially when it is ten photos of the same outfit or the same meal,)" but then I realized there is nothing more narcissistic than assuming people want to read your unfreakingedited thoughts. Why did I italicize unfreakingedited? I don't know. That's another thing I make fun of people for:

We got with our friends and we went to the Zoo! And it was super super fun.

And somewhere, TAMN rolls around in her grave in her coffin from Nordstrom. Rest in peace (or is it piece?) TAMN.

Anyway. Assuming you want to read thoughts that I don't even bother organizing is terribly narcissistic, so I might as well throw in a photo and just go balls to the walls with things. 

That's a picture of Clara. Tell me she is not the most beautiful baby you've ever seen on my blog. (That was my nice way of saying I'm sure your baby is beautiful too.) Clara was seven months there, I think. 

She's almost 10 months now. Here she is on some cold hard tile, because I am an awesome and attentive parent. She looks happy though, right? And she's playing with a book and not a pile of crack cocaine, so parenting for the win.

I'm kind of running out of steam for my no-delete-Thursday. I'll be honest, I'm burnt all out of fun rage. I've still got some angst rage hanging around, but Lord know none of you want more of that. Soooooooooooooo, I think you might just to be happy with cute baby pictures until I figure this ish out.

the end.


Hillary said...

Fun, but tell me (please) you have thoughts about Elaine Dalton's little sideswipe-y (prob not a word) address the other day. She basically insinuated that young women who "know their roles and responsibilities" won't see a need to lobby for rights. Wow, way to characterize all of us as "less than" or somehow dumb or "not understanding", and way to set women back 50 years. So if I'm truly righteous, I should be happy with the tiny, specific roles a man has designated for me, and even if those roles don't fit me or my life at all right now, I shouldn't want anything to be different. Uh okay.

Clearly I have some angsty rage going on too.

Melody said...

I've been there. Get feeling better. Do nice things for yourself and remember that we like you for you, so we're fine with cute pictures of Clara when you want to show us or with your angsty thoughts.

And Clara *is* adorable!

Stephanie said...

@ Hillary


MJ said...

Clara is so freaking cute! I'll read whatever you write, Steph. And as soon as I get home I'll check out that link. :)

bunkersdown.com said...

Those are some seriously delicious cheeks your baby has. Seriously delicious. (And I mean that in a completely non-Hannibal Lector way.)

Hillary said...

@ Steph

Pure awesomeness.

Kimberly Wilson said...

Hahaha, I loved the TAMN comment! I still to this day credit you as the possible author of that blog. :)