A Mother Here: Heavenly Mother Art and Poetry Contest

          One of the greatest and few joys in my faith transition was the discovery of Heavenly Mother. My mother had taught me about her, but I never heard about her in church or seminary. She was a foreign being to me, and now that I have my own daughter, it breaks my heart to think of a Mother, any Mother, being separated from her children for so long. My strongest spiritual moment happened while driving on State Street at 6:30 in the morning, and I prayed to a Heavenly Mother for the first time. I was surprised that the first feeling I felt was strength. I felt physically stronger, my thoughts clearer, and I was suddenly very aware of my own divinity, my own capacity for goodness. My spirit felt like it was a force for good. I think this is what happens when we start to see our own faces, our own gender, when we think of God. We become stronger and more powerful.

          I believe in the inherent divinity of women, and I'm supportive of people who incorporate the divine feminine in their worship. I believe an understanding of the divine feminine helps both men and women see each other as equals, and as divine creatures capable of more when we work together than when we work alone.

         I am very excited to announce a new project from A Mother There. They are hosting and art and poetry contest "celebrating the wondrous truth that we have a Heavenly Mother overseeing our spiritual development." They are awarding monetary prizes for submissions, and winners will be displayed on an online gallery.

        This project is currently being sponsored by WAVE, Peculiar Pages, Segullah, and Exponent II. However, it is currently only half funded. Please consider visiting the A Mother There website and making a donation. Entries to the contest are due March 14, 2014.