Beware the sad things (Guest Submission)

This is a guest post in response to the possible excommunication of Kate Kelly and John Dehlin. 

Beware The Sad Things (I feel like the Velveteen Rabbit)

If you search for truth

Beware the sad things

If you seek the key to
Pandora’s Box
Don’t forget
You can’t relock those locks

Beware the sad things

History is bloody and dark
Are we human or are we
Just animals?
Just ruthless cannibals?
Tearing each other to shreds
When selfishness serves us best
Is there more to it
Than sex and food and power
Is there more?

Maybe not

Beware the sad things

Disappointment is a deep deep wound
Loneliness hurts
Where is my God?
Where is my Savior?
Where is my old friend?
My only friend?

I feel alone

Beware the sad things

I do not know how to navigate this world
I took the road less traveled
And now I am so lost

Beware the sad things
Beware the roads less traveled

And yet….

Alone and lost and disappointed
For the first time
I feel real

No longer a wooden puppet
On the clergy’s strings

I am as real as
The velveteen rabbit

The skin horse warned me
It hurts sometimes
(beware the sad things)
But real can’t happen
“to people who break easily,
or have sharp edges,
or who have to be carefully kept”

Margery Williams
I finally understand you

The sad things make me real

I finally understand
Why Plato asked why
Why the poets and painters
Explored death
Sought meaning
I finally understand

The fight for humanism

My broken heart
Was broken open
Now so much more can get inside
The sad things
But also new fascination

Now I can see beautiful complexity
Stunning and terrifying uncertainty

Sometimes the darkness hurts
But in the dark I understand
“we are all fighting a hard battle”

In the dark I understand
And caring
And kindness
Deep, sincere kindness

The cost is great
Beware the sad things

But when I lost trust
I gained compassion
And when I lost stability
I gained curiosity
When I lost my community
I gained the companionship of
beautiful minds
Robert Frost
Margery Williams
JK Rowling

Now I understand
When Dumbledore advises
Be one who “remembers to turn on the light”

You learn how to turn on
the light
when you are thrown into darkness
Blinded, you seek out the light switch

Be careful what you ask
What you learn can’t be unlearned
Keep the nightlight on if you can

I am looking for a new light
For more lights
To brighten
The sad things


Breeanne said...

gorgeous as ever

Breanne said...

This poem is so beautiful

Breanne said...

This is beautiful

runningcaj said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this poem. It flashed into my core and made this morning one of revelation. Your thoughts are beautiful and they shine against the dark background of never ending questions. Thank you!