Question and Answer (Guest Submission)

This is a guest post in response to the possible excommunications of several members of the LDS church, including Kate Kelly and John Dehlin.

Question and Answer

Is revelation akin to interpretive dance
or the precision of a marching band?
Is it ordered?
The finger of God
writing a definitive “Thou Shalt Not”
on tablets of stone?
Or is it a fountain of living water?
able to adopt the shape of each vessel
into which it is poured?
Are we temples, all?
The mere beat of our hearts and
breath of our lungs enough?
Or is the house of God encircled
by gates of iron
with carefully rationed admittance?
Pureness of doctrine or pureness of heart
the pinnacle of salvation?

What God worth knowing would deny us and damn us
while providing so little on which to go?
You want me to say, “I know, I know.”
I only know
we are each of us, all,
engaging a mystery.

I choose to dance, not march.