The Errand of Angels (Guest Submission)

This is a guest post in response to the excommunication of Kate Kelly, and the possible excommunication of several other members of the LDS Church.

The Errand of Angels

by Gabriella Anne

                        You told me I was an angel
                        You said it was my gift
                        My role, assigned along with the
                        length of my hair and the
                        curve of my breast
                        To be gentle and loving
                        in every deed and word
                        and thought
                        It was an honor
                        (all mine)
                        with my full lips and long lashes
                        to fill the world with peace, love and kindness

                        You told me the errand of angels
                        was given to women
                        But you were wrong

                        The errand of angels was given to people
                        Black women and Hispanic men and
                        The lesbian (human) being mocked at the mall
                        The errand of angels was given to humanity
                        With acceptance and goodwill
                        With understanding and openness
                        “The errand of angels was given to women”
                        You lied
                        Or maybe you didn’t know
                        (Or maybe you just didn’t tell)

                        Either way, I am not an angel.
                        And if I were I’d be an angel made of fire
                        With teeth and talons like steel
                        Sharp and unyielding as truth
                        With wit and a brightness
                        That crumples mountains
                        And dries seas
                        I would be an angel
                        seeking and finding the
                        purity of God and
                        breaking my way out of prejudice and hate
                        looking at hearts instead of faces
                        If I were an angel
                        I’d smite those who would
                        bind me
                        with white wings
                        and a soft heart


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Thank you for posting! :)

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This post has been nominated for a 2014 Brodie Award in the category of "Best Poem". Please go here if you would like to vote for it! :D