I Don't Rememember (day 2)

This is a memoir writing project created by Ann Dee Ellis. We write 8 minute memoirs based on her prompts. All the cool kids are doing it. Today's prompt: I don't remember...

I don't remember when the ache in my hands first started. I remember being very small, maybe four or five, and wandering around my basement with aching hands. I was looking for construction paper, because I very badly needed to construct something. I didn't know what. 

I spent my childhood constructing things, making things, painting things. Tiny clay princesses, dollhouse furniture, paintings, melting crayons into new crayons, origami. All I wanted for Christmas was "crafts."

I sketched and drew religiously until I was 22. 

Sometimes I still find myself walking with my hands open, hoping something will fall into them and I can take that thing and mold it, craft it, shape it, into something else.

When I was 20, my Mom bought me a sewing machine. "Why did you do that? She'll never use it." said my Dad.

I use it almost every day. I love my sewing machine. Her name is Joan.

When I was 22 I got my first teaching job. It was hard. The ache in my hands went away. One night, I was reading a book of poems by Mary Oliver. I read that Mary Oliver taught high school English (just like me!)

But she quit. She knew she would never write anything of her own if she kept teaching.

I'm 30 now. My hands ache. 

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