Waking up (day 19)

I'm skipping days because I'm the boss.

I hate waking up. I am not an early-bird. Ideally, I want to sleep so late that there is not even a hint of morning left. This is very conducive with having small children, teaching school, or maintaining any degree of viable employment.

I like taking walks late at night when my neighborhood is silent. I like places that stay open late, and I like crawling into bed at 4 am after talking until sentences don't make sense.

Some of my best friends are night owls. I think everyone should have a list of people they can call past midnight, knowing they will answer fully awake-the the TV playing in the background, and the sound of food cooking.

Why are you making spaghetti at 3 am?

I was hungry, do you want to come over?

For the record, I'm mostly reformed now. I don't stay up late unless it's the weekend, and it has to be really good spaghetti.


Feisty Harriet said...

You are my kind of people. We night owls are a delightful breed. And I'd like to know WHY on God's green earth I married someone who WAKES UP at 4am on a regular basis, because, you know, he's done sleeping then.


......yeah, that was a surprise.


Kayla FrecklesinApril said...

I hate that we live in a society that rewards morning people and punishes night owls. College was my golden time- I made it so I never had a class before noon (one glorious semester I never had a class before 2pm) and that allowed me to use my best hours (12-2am) to write my papers and do homework and still get a decent amount of sleep. It was amazing.

NOW my kids' bus picks them up before 7:15. Shoot me.

Steph said...

Feisty Harriet- Spouseman can't sleep past six. I feel you.